PACE threats превентивны, but harm to image of Ukraine

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The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe won't deprive the Ukrainian delegation of powers from - for problems with candidates for positions of judges of the European court, experts consider.

Such statements are rather preventive, however can do much harm to image of Ukraine, "The German wave" transfers.

The director of the Rule of law program of Vozrozhdeniye Fund Roman Romanov considers that PACE simply doesn't want precedents when the countries would withdraw the lists of candidates, and then sent new therefore misunderstanding between Ukraine and PACE lasts some years.

"The hostage of it most of all are not powers of the Ukrainian delegation, and the international reputation of Ukraine. That is Ukraine showed inability even to exercise the right to nominate candidates for the European court", - Romanov speaks.

He explains that all this legal collision - from - for surnames of the deputy from Party of Regions of Sergey Golovaty.

In the first list which was withdrawn allegedly by Ukraine, its surname is, in the second - No, as some representatives of the Ukrainian power, according to Romanov, don't consider as Golovatogo worthy to represent interests of Ukraine in the European court the candidate.

Whether the situation after elections of the Ukrainian president will change, Romanov doesn't undertake to predict.

The expert only notes that the Council of Europe has to or choose from two lists one, or will agree on a compromise which offers Ukrainian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and recognizes behind the country the right to give and withdraw candidates for the international structures. How many it will last - it isn't known, Romanov states.

It is known that the day before the head of the Ukrainian delegation of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Ivan Popesku (Party of Regions) told to journalists which PACE can deprive of the Ukrainian representatives of powers if Ukraine at last isn't defined who from candidates is worthy to represent its interests in the European court.

Europeans won't understand what of two presented lists of the Ukrainian candidates is legitimate.


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