The success of "east policy" EU will depend on Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

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The "Eastern Partnership" summit which this weeks has to take place in Prague, - under the threat, as well as as a whole a new foreign policy initiative of the European Union.

About it commentators write almost an every day, referring to instability growth in the countries invited to participation in the program: in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and three Transcaucasian countries, transfers Radio "Svoboda".

However the director of programs of the Polish Fund Batoriya Grzegorz Gromadski looks at the future with careful optimism.

"I can tell that in Poland are more or less satisfied with development of this initiative ("Eastern Partnership"). Not only in the government, and and in expert circles. Situation in the middle of EU difficult - and with the Lisbon agreement, and with a situation in other neighboring countries, on the Balkans, for example. It was difficult to hope in such conditions on much bigger", - he speaks.

On the remark that the situation is difficult and in those countries which were invited to participation in "Eastern Partnership": presidents of Moldova and Belarus probably won't arrive to Prague, is far from ideal a situation in Ukraine and Georgia, - the expert told:

"That the president Lukashenko probably won't arrive to Prague, in my opinion, good news. But that the president Voronin doesn't go to Prague, probably, bad news. For me it is two different cases".

"But you are right. The situation in these countries will be defining for success of "east policy". They, first of all, have to create pressure upon EU for the purpose of advance of this policy. Especially important role is played here by the democratic countries of this group. Certainly, they yet aren't mature democracies, but I think that Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are the democratic countries", - Gromadski told.

"They have many problems, especially in Moldova recently. But they on a condition of democracy are much closer to the European neighbors, than Belarus or Azerbaijan. Therefore the situation in these three countries will be this policy defining for success. As they can play a role of a good example", - he added.

On a question in what the attractive parties of a new initiative for Ukraine which, according to some experts, most of all promoted in the relations with EU, and the new initiative doesn't solve those problems which most of all disturb Ukrainians - visa questions and a question of prospect of membership in the European Union, Gromadski noted:

"Eastern Partnership" is an official policy of EU. It is known that in many questions Ukraine went further: she conducts negotiations on profound partnership, a free trade zone, participation in power programs, visa-free entrance, but it were single initiatives. Now they are united in one European policy which Ukraine can use for preparation for future membership".

"I understand that the Ukrainian political elite waits bigger, but now a situation for this purpose too difficult", - he added.


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