Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council offended the daughter Geroya of the USSR? She promised to arrange them "cheerful life" at the following session

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On April 28 meeting 34-й sessions of the Nikolaev City Council took place. During agenda discussion, to a microphone which was located in a hall, there was Galina Nikolaevna Medvedeva, the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the soldier - Nikolay Medvedev's olshanets.

She asked some minutes for performance.

From all that occurred after its exit to a microphone, could be understood that neither the mayor, nor the majority of deputies of the Nikolaev city council didn't want to listen to it.

The mayor Vladimir of a tea asked at once a question: "Galina Nikolaevna and who invited you to session? I didn't invite you".

The answer to a question from the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union didn't follow, she only mentioned that is registered and passed in a hall on the "lawful" bases.

Listening to nobody, she began to tell about the problems.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that earlier the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union Galina Medvedev filed a lawsuit the claim against the Nikolaev City Council.

As soon as the woman started reading to the claims concerning payment charges for zhilishchno - utilities, the mayor interrupted her at once and reminded that she already everything told it to him personally.

In reply Vladimir Chaika heard very sharp phrase: "I will speak and you me don't interrupt. I to you came, and the problem still isn't solved. I want that deputies too knew about everything". Galina of Medvedev continued the performance, but in a hall nobody listened to her, and V. Chaika, having turned on this attention, suggested it to come after holidays to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and to try to solve the problems.

"Children, you listen to me? ", - I asked the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union a depuy corps and I received the negative answer.

After that with words "… why you don't want me to listen? Here such you are deputies! " it was compelled to leave a sessional hall.

Possibly, angry with such succession of events, Galina of Medvedev decided to write the open letter to deputies of the Nikolaev city council.

We provide to your attention the text of this letter in original language.We intentionally kept all author's spelling and a punctuation of this open letter.

Nikolaev 30.04.09 to the Chairman of city party of communists

To the chairman of the party of BYuT

To the chairman of the party Regionov

To the chairman of the party of PSPU



The charter of Nikolaev (The charter of a territorial community of Nikolaev) is adopted by the decision of the Nikolaev city council of 10.07.2002 3/11 and registered by the certificate 2 of November 20, 2002. Nikolaev regional justice department.

Article 42. Nikolaev mayor

5. At taking office the mayor takes the oath of such contents:

"I, CHAIKA VLADIMIR DMITRIYEVICH, entering a position of the Nikolaev mayor I undertake to adhere to the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine and the Charter of a territorial community of the city of Nikolaev. At implementation of the powers assigned to me I promise, to preserve and defend the rights and legitimate interests of residents. I undertake to put never personal interests above public, to work only in interests of a territorial community of the city of Nikolaev, comprehensively to promote socially - to an economic and cultural development of the city".

On April 28 of this year I was invited to session of the Nikolaev council (according to my address to the secretary of the City Council KORENYUGIN V. I. : вх.от 15.01.2009 - where to me it was refused performance before a depuy corps - ref. The Nikolaev city council of 23.01.09. M - 123-1/c).

After my secondary address to the secretary of the Nikolaev City Council Korenyugin V. I. of 04.02.2009 (Koval M.P. accepted) I was informed on opportunity to address a depuy corps at plenary session of session of the Nikolaev city council on April 28 of this year (Ref. of 20.02.2009. M of-128/2 c).

My performance concerned acquaintance of a depuy corps with charges of the sphere of housing and communal services of the city since 2004 and on the present moment. These charges obviously show violations by the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of legislative base of Ukraine in the sphere of social policy.

Namely it isn't carried out: 1. The constitution of Ukraine of the Art. of Art. 22, 46, 48, the "About the State Budget for 2004-2008." STORAGE where the living wage of my category of the status is accurately defined. At the same time with it, I didn't work with the "About the State Social Standards and the State Social Guarantees" STORAGE of 05.10.2000.2017-111 where to Art. 9 it is established that the state social standards in the sphere zhilishchno - public service are established for the purpose of definition of the state guarantees concerning granting zhilishchno - utilities and the sizes of a payment for housing and zhilishchno - utilities which provide realization of a constitutional law of the citizen for a normal standard of living. It: limit rate of fee according to the maintenance of housing, zhilishchno - utilities depending on gained income; the social norm of housing and using standards zhilishchno - utilities concerning which payment, the state provides privileges and establishes subsidies to needy citizens.

2. The law of Ukraine "About/to services" of 24.06.2004 1875-1V:

Art. 2 "A state policy in the sphere zhilishchno - utilities"

- item 7 "ensuring social protection of needy citizens";

Art. 30 "The principles of state regulation of prices/tariffs on/to service":

- item 7 "guarantees of social protection of the population at payment for/to service and an advancing of growth of the income of the population over growth of prices/tariffs on/to service";

3. It isn't carried out standardly - the legal act the Resolution of the Supreme Council of Ukraine of 19.03.1999 of 512-X1V "About Payment Zhilishchno — Utilities by the Population of Ukraine" where item 1 tells about payment of the population of Ukraine to the sphere of housing and communal services no more than 15% of the cumulative income of each family. To item 3 of the Resolution BC of Ukraine it is established that implementation of the Resolution BC of Ukraine are assigned to KMU, Ministers of Ukraine and local executive authorities, local governments.

The About a Living Wage STORAGE of 15.07.1999 996-X1V.

All present deputies, all hall saw and heard how the mayor Chaika Vladimir Dmitriyevich broke my performance, didn't allow me to read charge of the sphere of housing and communal services the ó % relation to my pension and to a living wage, figures which would plunge all depuy corps into a state of shock. At that pension which pays me the state the city head Chaika V.D. (I addressed on the matter of 21.04.2008 more вх. 662-4/c) simply me robs and doesn't take any measures to help the needy population of the city to cope with this difficult life situation to thousands of such citizens as I. And it not only pensioners, but also disabled people 1-й and 2-й groups. I turned the sphere of housing and communal services into business.

I personally met Chaika V.D. on March 12 of this year.on the matter, and it instructed the officials to create the commission and to solve the matter according to the legislation, namely, under the Resolution VS of Ukraine of 19.03.1999 512-X1V which needed to be put into operation even at adoption of the Charter of a territorial community of the city approved by the Region by justice department for 2 from November 20, 2002. The commission didn't follow Chaika V.D. instructions. In its team one non-performance in relation to ordinary citizens.

It is revolted with behavior of deputy group "In support of Chaika" which echoed it and broke my performance before all depuy corps. What they are deputies? why are present at a sessional hall? if to them it is uninteresting as today there live citizens? Deputies - cases? The acted Evdokimov V. B. knew that my statement lies at it since 04.03.2009 188 on the matter. And in the performance he to me suggested to address to it in the commission.

Thanks to them, cases, on behalf of all fallen for the Homeland, protecting it, perishing for it, people trusted that we will live, as people, thanks to them, deputies - cases, for memory of my father Hero of the Soviet Union Medvedev Nikolay Yakovlevich, for the sensitive attitude towards me, his daughter.

And what "thanks" to Chaika V.D. Takoye ог - gromny that I will drop.

And in general, thank them for the HOMELAND which they destroy.

Appendix: Charges of the sphere of housing and communal services since 2004

I ask a depuy corps to examine and take measures to implementation of the solution of the Resolution VS of Ukraine 512-X1V.


The daughter Pochyotnogo гр - on Nikolaev of Medvedev N. Ya. G. Medvedev

We will look forward to the following session of the Nikolaev city council. It is interesting, what such Galina Nikolaevna will think up?


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