Detention of the son-in-law the prime minister - the minister: New details

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The history with detention of the son-in-law and the daughter the prime minister - the minister - Sean and Evgenia Karr - gained new development. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs there was a dispute which is reduced to the following: to consider Sean Kara as the violator or the victim.

On Saturday of steam I tried to pass on the motorcycle on a beach. But the protection consisting of the employees of internal troops, didn't let them. All ended with a fight after which Sean and Evgenia went to a local site of militia.

Now in the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs say that security guards exceeded the powers. The management of Internal troops adheres to the opposite point of view. Event versions - in Larisa Zadorozhnoy's material.

For 10 days the Southern Palmira became the biker capital. Air broke off a rumble of motorcycles, from a scene hard rock rattled. In the end of a motor-meeting scandal what Odessa yet didn't remember thundered also.

Here from here - from the well-known beach "Lanzheron" - the daughter and the son-in-law the prime minister - the minister got to a militia site. Events developed so.

On black "Harley Davidson" Evgenia and Sean drove up to a beach. There were two ways - through an arch and through a barrier. But they chose the second. Fighters of internal troops didn't pass.

Here versions disperse. On one Sean pushed protection, on another - everything was on the contrary. But a result one - Yulia Timoshenko's son-in-law chained handcuffs to a barrier.

Oleg was together with star couple. It it today - the representative businessman - goes by the car, and in free time drives on a baize. That evening Oleg on the motorcycle went the first, his friend Sean - the fifth.

Oleg Payevshchik, biker:

- As the law-abiding citizen, besides the Englishman, they have Sean other psychology, approached to a barrier. He decided to ask, whether it is impossible to pass. What occurred further? From Evgenia and Sean's story I understood that to them was told "went from here". He tried to explain that the heavy motorcycle, but the person from internal troops started removing Zhenya from the motorcycle.

Speaks, was to pass on "Lanzheron" not a whim, and need. The hotel is behind a barrier. The militia version up to the end isn't clear. Those who has to shed light on history, seemingly, in it got confused.

Guards are so frightened the VIP - the conflict that any interviews don't give. Only one laconic message on a site.

Military personnel of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine exceeded the office powers, nemotivirovanno used brute physical force against Sean Kara and Evgenia Tymoshenko. Put injuries, than provoked the conflict.

And here the most interesting begins. Internal troops which belong besides the Ministry of Internal Affairs, protect official authority. Made own investigation. Conclusion: inhabitants of Odessa served adequately, fighters of internal troops beat nobody.

Svetlana Pavlovskaya, a press - the secretary of internal troops of Ukraine:

- No prevysheniye of office powers from the military personnel of internal troops existed. There was an incident of misunderstanding by one party of requirements another which acted within the powers.

In this police station Sean Karr and Evgenia Tymoshenko spent some hours. The protocol was made, and they were released. At whom what injuries - it is precisely not known. The family Karrov avoids communication with the press.

Now on "Lanzherona" everything is quiet. The sun, the sea having a rest and the same barrier and an arch. "Harley Davidson" doesn't go, drive only scooters.


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