The construction conflict on Krylov Street passed into a "hot" phase

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Yesterday, on May 5, the construction conflict on Krylov St., 19-would find the second breath. So, about 10 o'clock in the morning, inhabitants of nearby houses noticed that builders began fence installation. People at once went outside and demanded explanations from the builder. By itself that anybody didn't begin to explain anything.

Only after into place there arrived the representative of "GASK" and the deputy chief architect of the city Alexander Nefedov, the picture started clearing up. As one would expect, the documents confirming legitimacy of installation of a fence at the builder aren't present.

Madam Stepanova who has arrived to the place of the conflict it is oath I promised Nefedova within 5-10 minutes to provide necessary documents. That in principle already is violation as on construction object during work there have to be all documents. It really brought after a while papers, but to see them it wasn't represented possible as Denis Obolentsev under no circumstances didn't want to show documentation to anybody, except Alexander Nefedov.

As a result the Inspector of "GASK" issued to the builder the instruction on a stop of all works on this site. Also I wrote out the resolution on a penalty for illegally performed works.

At any moment opposition between inhabitants and the builder passed into a power phase during which three persons suffered: to one in a face scattered from a gas spray, and two got in the heat of the moment Denis Obolentsev. 80- the summer pensioner Semyon Petrovich Shandler was hit a punch in the head from the Kuban Cossack Denis Obolentsev. At the moment at the pensioner all symptoms of concussion of a brain are observed. During opposition with the builder same Obolentsev Vitalia Tsapenko, the inhabitant of the house No. 19 was beaten. All victims wrote applications in militia.

At present on a scene there arrived police officers, at people indications undertake and protocols are formed. Besides, inhabitants intend to stand up to the end and even expect to spend the night on the street till the morning, without giving to the builder of opportunity in production of illegal works.

We will remind that this conflict lasts for a year and not once between the builder and inhabitants there were conflict situations during which people suffered. The mayor Vladimir Chaika personally promised to inhabitants from Krylov Street that no construction to this address will exist - at least, it will make for this purpose everything. However numerous attempts of inhabitants to contact the mayor during the conflict of result didn't give. Vladimir Dmitriyevich didn't take the call.

We will report about further development of this conflict to readers tomorrow.


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