Tigipko is going to take "the top level" and to change "a political landscape"

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The cochairman of Council of investors at the Cabinet Sergey Tigipko plans to politicize, at least, the next 5 years and are confirmed by the intention to participate in the next presidential election.

So, in interview to "the 5th channel", shown on May 5 in the evening, on a question, than Tigipko plans to be engaged in three months, he told: "It will be completely shipped in policy".

"I consider that now those people who were engaged in real business, need to come back to policy. Why? Because in such configuration political the country of prospects has no. They (politicians at the power) among themselves can't understand, they can't solve our problems and help us", - Tigipko noted.

"The question only one - we isn't worse than them, we have to come back to different levels and try to look pragmatically at a situation and to solve it", - he added.

On a question, than it will be engaged, for example, in January, 2010, Tigipko answered: "The same - policy... It already prospect, well, at least 5 years".

He noted that to him it will be difficult "to play roles" as some politicians at whom words disperse from business do: "It will be heavy to be given to me. But I also don't set to myself such task".

"I will tell very pragmatic things. I am convinced that it won't be very popular - because, I am afraid, people are yet ready. All want something sweet under the language, interesting, unusual - and life it such pragmatic, it constantly stomach to the earth presses us. Therefore it is necessary to speak about it", - Tigipko added.

"I don't want to separate the country, I want to unite. Over these technologies many people will work now: how to separate to allocate the sector that to work with it", - he noted.

"Therefore I will politicize. Here it is possible to lose - but it is important to tell the truth, clear, explaining any things. If doesn't break anything - will come following, on your shoulders will go further. Thus and the country becomes. I am not going though to lose", - Tigipko told.

To a question with whom there will be it will come back to policy, Tigipko answered:"Most likely, it will be some parties and some public associations which will unite in the block". "I don't think that I now will lead quickly any party, but that I will cooperate and help several parties it is exact", - he added.

Tigipko also confirmed that will apply for presidency.

"Certainly, the one who comes back to policy, has to put before itself(himself) "the top level". And here everything will work for all positions: if you don't move forward at presidential election, you won't have good chances of the parliamentary. Therefore the competition will be good, big - but it is good", - he told.

Tigipko answered a question whom it considers as the main competitor: "Time. A little late we start dealing with it. Though now such campaign has to be short".

"Not such big money be required (on campaign). Also there are people who are ready to join. And it will be, generally new people. I want to change a little our political landscape and to add more pragmatic and young people. And I will make it", - Tigipko assured.


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