Weren't in time gays and lesbians to declare celebrations in Nikolaev, and the Cossacks already protest. The mayor promised: "фестивалить" we won't give to homosexuals!

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom Netherlands will finance three-day "celebrations" of gays and lesbians which plan to carry out in Nikolaev.

We will remind that the Nikolaev association of gays, lesbians and bisexuals "League" plans to hold from May 15 to May 17 in the city the first festival of gays and lesbians "Iridescent spring". On the official site of the organization it is told that the purpose of this action - to present the public of nonconventional orientation at regional level "by carrying out cultural - sporting events, destroying stereotypes and socially - cultural barriers which disturb lesbians and gays to feel full-fledged members of society".

Yesterday during a meeting with veterans of the Great Patriotic War the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika declared that the decision on, whether it is possible to hold similar event in the city, will be accepted at meeting of executive committee of the Nikolaev city council. The mayor noted that carrying out similar action, most likely, will be refused, than broke a storm of applause.

According to available information, still nobody submitted an application for carrying out this action, but already there is on it a protest from the Cossacks.

I passed this opinion anddeputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Victor Voitenko,which, stays at present in the Nikolaev area.

He declared: "The mission of the person is a creation of a family. And, in my opinion, it is necessary to fight for expansion of family values. It is very important! Family values are a basis of all.From families society, a community, the village, the city was created... And that is unnatural... "

He considers that all mass actions have to take place so that wasn't created problems for people around. According to V. Voitenko actions similar to it just also create problems.

Victor Voitenko considers that citizens of nonconventional orientation, thus try to draw to themselves attention and declares thatsimilar movements in general contradict a human nature.

"I don't want them to condemn, but I consider that they shouldn't create problems. We have to fight forfamily contribution, for purity of the relations.We have to fight for that children got a normal education that children, in case of need, could protect the Homeland.And I in this case don't support carrying out such actions", - I declared to V. Voitenko.

"I want to note that Victor Voitenko the democrat, I am a democrat. And all that doesn't contradict our foundations, and that doesn't create problems, I always support. But such things create problems on Christianity. It for the city isn't acceptable. While I will be the mayor of Nikolaev of it at us won't be. If they want in night club is their right. If they want where - that there on the apartment... But only everything has to be so that didn't leave in a bosom of our community which is quiet and waits from us for adoption of those decisions which are necessary to the city", - the mayor noted.


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