Who will move Chaika?

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The fourth campaign for the present mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika promises to become the most difficult

After successful campaigns 2000 and 2002 when "the strong business executive" was patronized by Leonid Kuchma, in 2006 - m Chaika stood in mayors and for the City Council at the head of the nominal block too as the non-party, but with active support of Party of Regions

VICTOR YANUKOVYCH whom Chaika in every way supported in 2004 - m, called him "the most successful mayor of Ukraine". However for expired three years of the relation between the mayor and PR seriously grew cold. The majority in the City Council, created on the basis of fraction of "regionals" (45 mandates from 90) and coordinated by the head of the PR regional organization People's Deputy Nikolay Kruglov, began "to press" on the mayor, not got used to share the power, on personnel and property questions. In 2006 - m Chaika even resigned, however then changed the mind and the statement withdrew. In 2008 - BYuT and PR fraction m at the same time "scared" Chaika the requirement of its resignation, however productive vote didn't take place. Most likely, both political forces weren't sure that they will have the candidates, capable to win Chaika early elections. Nevertheless, if to the next elections Vladimir Dmitriyevich doesn't find a common language with Party members, he will need to appeal to "general population", pressing economic achievements, which in the conditions of crisis next to nothing.

Good news to the mayor is absence at PR of the strong candidate. Theoretically the first vice-the mayor supervising questions of domestic policy, municipal property and housing Yury Granaturov can become it. At the time of elections-2006 Granaturov already worked as Chaika's deputy, but to the City Council went at the fifth number in the list of Party of Regions. In local political beau monde say also about chances to take a place of the candidate from Anatoly Dyumin's PR. This deputy - "regional" is the director general of JSC Universal-Yug controlling some local markets.

If BYuT decides to expose own candidate, the choice can be made in advantage "young, perspective" Vadim Merikov.The deputy - "byutovets" - the director general of JSC Sigma-sport which is engaged in advertizing and polygraphy. Merikov can get support from the influential Nikolaev businessman Oleg Bogomaz who in 2006 - the m sympathized with Chaika, and recently patronizes the Nikolaev BYuT. According to observers, Bogomaz is in the friendly relations with the People's Deputy from BYuT, the head of the regional organization of the block in the Nikolaev area Roman Zabzalyuk. On the party line Merikov could count also on support of the deputy of the City Council from Sergey Taranenko's who is the director general of JSC Irbis Firm BYuT (it is wholesale - the food company) and the co-owner of the centers of trade "the Fifth Ocean" (totals three hypermarkets). However, according to some information, Taranenko can solve and independently participate in campaign.

It is impossible to dismiss and the main opponent Chaika on Sergey Isakov's last elections. In 2006 - m they gathered, respectively, 46,4 and 34,5% of voices. Isakov stood from a post of the vice-chairman YEAH where it passed from a position of the head of shipbuilding plant "Liman". Its nomination supported the governor Alexander Sadykov of that time and the Our Ukraine block. After dismissal from regional administration Isakov returned to management of plant. It also one of leaders of public organization "Our City of Nikolaev" and consistently builds image of the business executive at which it will turn out better, than at Chaika. For Sadykov's relating to "splinter" of NSNU the team, oppositional to Yushchenko, the person in a chair of the mayor would become the good answer to return to a chair of the governor Alexey Garkusha.

Besides Garkusha's destiny, obviously, directly depends on results of presidential and parliamentary elections. If in a new configuration there is no place for Blok of Litvin, Alexey Nikolaevich can try itself also the hand in mayor campaign, instead of to support the daughter Inga Shapovalova as it was in 2006 - m on this path. Then Inga Alekseevna took an honourable third place with result of 9,3%. The result of Garkusha which already was governor in area in 1999-2005 and is very well-known to inhabitants of Nikolaev, it can be comparable with indicators of leaders of public sympathies.

At last, it is possible to expect participation in elections of the deputy of the City Council from Green Party of Ukraine of Alexander Zholobetsky, the business owner with very versatile business - interests.Now he acts as the main public opponent to Chaika, criticizing practically all his decisions. To Zholobetsky, most likely, the role of the technical candidate through whom according to Chaika his main opponents will begin to beat will be prepared.




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