Today the Dawn — Mashproyekt enterprise is 55 years old

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The beginning of construction of Zarya plant fell on the difficult post-war period. For development of power and shipbuilding of the state it was necessary to arrange production of turbines. July 9, 1946. The council of ministers of the USSR adopted the resolution on plant creation for construction of ship steam turbines in the city of Nikolaev which had the powerful production potential and shipbuilding plants. For new plant the executive committee of the Nikolaev city council of deputies of workers allocated the square at Hugo - east suburb of the city. In 1948 62 more hectares were in addition allocated. At the same time with a complex of plant the inhabited massif for workers was designed.

Preparatory work on construction began in March, 1948. In five years the main constructions of plant were entered to operation. In January, 1953 the first organized set of workers and inzhenerno - technical workers is carried out.

On October 17, 1953 the minister of transport and heavy mechanical engineering issued the order, согласнос by which Southern turbine plant to Nikolaev it is partially put into operation. And the plant hadn't to master production of steam turbines. In March, 1954 at plant on a task of the government the commission as a part of designers and technologists of the Ministry of the aviation industry for identification of opportunities of production worked at plant of gas turbines for Voyenno's vessels - Navy.

On May 7, 1954 there was a resolution of Council of ministers of the USSR on base creation for production of gas-turbine installations (GTU).According to this resolution the minister of heavy mechanical engineering issued on May 18, 1954 the order of the following contents: "To specialize the Southern turbine plant of the Ministry of heavy mechanical engineering on production of research and serial gas-turbine installations, first of all for Voyenno's vessels - Naval Forces. To the director of the Southern turbine plant Chumichov and century of the lake of the chief engineer to Golovturboprom Berezina to organize at the Southern turbine plant of the Ministry of heavy mechanical engineering special design office from gas-turbine installations".

In August, 1954 from Kazan for work at the Southern turbine plant in design office the group of experts headed by the chief designer Sergey Dmitriyevich Kolosov was translated.

Kolosov in days of the Great Patriotic War worked as the chief designer of the Kazan engine-building plant, for outstanding merits in creation and production of aviation engines is awarded by awards and medals of the USSR, on June 22, 1945 to it ranks of the Honored worker of science and equipment Tatar were appropriated to the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. After the end of war use of the turbo-propeller engine (TGD) as accelerator in shipbuilding was one of activities of design office of S. D. Kolosov. To Nikolaev together with Kolosov there arrived 60 experts, from them designers - 20, workers - 31, the others - experimenters, operators. Among them there were engineers of high qualification: Ya. Soroka, P. Rodionov, E. Raimov, V. Kotov, I. Lehrman, V. Lushkevich, V. Petukhov, etc. They also became a kernel of design service of plant to which S. D. Kolosov also attracted young graduates from many institutes of the country.

By then there were two directions of development of design of gas turbines in shipbuilding. The first - heavy turbines of a difficult design with rather low temperature of gas in front of the turbine. The second - easy turbines of aviation type of the simple scheme with more high temperature of gas and extent of compression. S. D. Kolosov in the design development safely went on the last direction, this choice provided further improvement of GTU, the history of domestic ship gas-turbine construction is connected with it.

In September, 1956 successfully there passed test the main sample of the gas-turbine engine M-1 and serial release of gas-turbine installations began. In 1956-1958 at plant are successfully carried out proyektno - design works on creation of the GTU new types that provided serial release of GTU M-2 which was intended for patrol vessels of the Navy since 1958. In 1959 serial release of a gas turbo compressor of STC D-2 for small anti-submarine vessels began.

For the purpose of special development of a design, creation of new gas-turbine installations, progressive technologies, control - test benches, production, finishing and test of units, knots and gas-turbine engines of April 12, 1961 No. 530 - 0046 was allocated with the resolution of Council of ministers of USSR from plant structure in the independent self-supporting Mashproyekt Allied Design Bureau (ADB) organization (п / with 96) with development shops and base, research station.

According to the staff list it is administrative - the administrative personnel of the organization п / about 96 (SPB) "Mashproyekt") Management of the ship-building industry of the Kherson Council of People's Commissars for 1961 are approved staff in number of 119 established posts with a monthly wages fund of 11216 karbovanets and departments: it is production - dispatching, department of the chief technologist, work and salary department, the main accounts department, department financially - technical supply, department of the chief mechanical engineer and an energy drink, checking department, design departments, according to plan - economic department, group of technical supervision of capital construction, a human resources department, the third department, админгосотдел. No. No. 110, 140, 150 shops were a part of SPB "Mashproyekt" also. During the period since 1961 - 1963. by plant and SPB "Mashproyekt" were carried out proyektno - design and research works on further improvement of gas-turbine engines with the increased profitability and a resource, release of gas turbo compressors of STC D-3 for patrol vessels, and also the gazoturbozubchatykh of units and gas-turbine installations for big anti-submarine vessels as auxiliary engines.

Thus, for the first time in world practice in the Soviet Union, since 1956 production and serial release of a number of ship gas-turbine installations with a big range of power was arranged. In 1963 the chief designer S. D. Kolosov left work, he was granted pension of allied value. The winner of the Lenin award, the honored worker of science and equipment Tatar the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the gentleman of the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Flag brought up the school of designers which successfully works and today.

Total number inzhenerno - technical workers of SPB "Mashproyekt" for January 1, 1968 made 1225 people, of them taken with scientific work - 101 (the leading device - 30, design engineers - 71, including women - 7). Seven people had scientific degree or a scientific rank: Berkovich S. N. - the leading designer, Candidate of Technical Sciences (ктн), Vezlomtsev K. O. - the leading designer, ктн, Dyachenko B. S. - the head of department of CB, ктн, Morozov S. I. - the chief of EB laboratory, ктн, Mandel V. S. - the leading designer, ктн, Rudometov S. V. - the leading designer, ктн, Forty Ya. H. - chief designer, кнт, professor. Scientists of the enterprise worked in different areas of science on such specialties:

- mathematical logic and programming (4 experts);

- hydroaerodynamics and gas loudspeaker (19);

- dynamics and durability of cars, devices and devices (18);

- acoustics (1);

- technology of machine-building materials (1);

- friction and wear (9);

- thermodynamics (8);

- parogeneratorostroyeniye and turbine construction (24);

- compressor and vacuum mechanical engineering (8);

- systems of start and management of flying devices (2);

- automatic control and regulations (7).

At the end of 60-x years the Southern turbine plant and SPB "Mashproyekt" came to the advanced boundaries scientifically - technical progress in area.

In the middle of 70-x years of PTZ and SPB "Mashproyekt" were recognized as the enterprises with high scientifically - technical potential and are recommended as the most suitable organizations for development the gazoperekachevalnykh of units for compressor stations of the 10 megawatts main gas pipelines.

Primary organizations operated on SPB "Mashproyekt" scientifically - technical society and inventors and rationalizers who united more than 1000 specialists of design bureau. So, for the reporting period of 1976-1977 by inventors of bureau it was submitted to the State Committee according to inventions of 110 requests, 25 copyright certificates are received, 12 inventions were worked on production. Six inventors of SPB "Mashproyekt" received awards of the State Committee on inventions "Inventor of the USSR".

On January 1, 1989 on the basis of SPB "Mashproyekt" it was created scientifically - Mashproyekt production association (NVO "Mashproyekt").

To association entered: SPB "Mashproyekt", CB Energiya in Krivoi Rog.

Since 1992 of NVO "Mashproyekt" turned into submission to the mechanical engineering Ministry, voyenno - an industrial complex and conversion of Ukraine (since 1997 - the Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine).

In 1993 on base association is created scientifically - Mashproyekt manufacturing enterprise (NVP "Mashproyekt"). According to the charter, the main activities of the enterprise became:

- development and deployment on a basis scientifically - research and исследовательско - design works of highly effective gas-turbine equipment, supply of its main copies, constituent and small parties of this special equipment to customers for different technical and power objects;

- production of other types of production izgotovitelno - technical appointment and national consumption, their maintenance both in the territory of Ukraine, and beyond its limits.

The enterprise conducted independent balance, had settlement currency and other accounts in establishments of banks, the press with the name and the image of the State Emblem of Ukraine. The enterprise independently carried out foreign economic activity.

In 1996 the total amount of works was filled for the sum of 52130 thousand UAH, volume of own works for the sum of 50979 thousand UAH, the sum got funds for financing of a job made 30800 thousand UAH, of them from customers of Ukraine - 19400 thousand UAH, Russia - 9600 thousand UAH, from customers of the far abroad - 1700 thousand UAH. The volume of realized production for 1996 made 21702 thousand UAH, the profit got from realization - 7813 thousand UAH, balance profit - 7328 thousand UAH. The enterprise carried out orders of the Chinese trading company of the ship-building industry, delivered production to Holland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, engines for power plant construction in Ingushetia, together with Orenda firm (Canada) GTG-2500 engine tests were carried out.

The order of the Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine of November 2, 2001. "About creation of the state enterprise "Scientifically - the industrial complex of gas-turbine construction of "Zorya" of NVP "Mashproyekt" is included in plant structure.

Chief specialist of the state archive of the Nikolaev area Irina Krikalova


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