The mayor of Nikolaev will clean all slot machine halls from the first floors of houses?

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Today, on May 8, the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika intends to sign the order about closing of the game institutions located on the first floors of residential buildings. He declared it, making comments yesterday's on the government requirement.

- It is the tragedy which had to happen because local governments insisted on that all these slot machines were under control to local governments. Those licenses which give in Moscow, in Kiev, I don't know still where except Nikolaev, anybody with anybody doesn't coordinate, - Vladimir Dmitriyevich told.

Thus it reminded of last year's attempt to remove slot machines.

"You remember that "march" which we made last year? Nearly 50 machine guns withdrew, and right there courts resolved all issues not in favor of local governments. And after all these slot machines are in houses. We on it didn't permit. By the way, and the militia then remained as speak, with a nose. Because all of them together with us made it. And it turned out that courts literally in two days returned everything into place. And we remained, having carried out a lot of work, with anything", - the mayor emphasized.

We will remind that yesterday the government demanded from law-enforcement and supervisory authorities within a week to close all game institutions which are placed on the first floors of houses. The relevant initiative was taken by the first vice-the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov at a today's emergency meeting of the government.


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