Patients of hospital of disabled veterans asked the Nikolaev officials to raise a salary to medics

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On the eve of the Victory holiday the regional hospital of disabled people of the Great Patriotic War was visited by officials of the Nikolaev city hall and the regional state administration. As reports management of health care of the regional state administration, they congratulated veterans of war and work who on a state of health can't join celebrations.

Some veterans seized the moment to resolve private issues, and some put in a word also for physicians. They asked authorities to raise a salary to medics as consider itself as very busy patients.

As though that wasn't, and stay and treatment conditions in the regional establishment calculated on 245 places, is one of the best in Ukraine. Patients are provided with five times food (at the rate of 30 UAH on the person), and drugs (at the rate of 35 UAH on the person). In hospital repair is made. Only last year spent 400 thousand UAH for replacement of old windows on metalplastic, acquired the modern equipment, in particular, in surgical office it is entered a transurethral resection of a prostate gland which allows to carry out sparing intervention.

Therapeutic, cardiological, neurologic, surgical, resuscitation, rentgendiagnostichesky offices work. The autonomous boiler room which provides day and night the building with heat and hot water is established.

In hospital the polyclinic office on 65 visits where the advisory help to veterans of war who are on treatment is provided functions.

For the purpose of effective use of a network of establishments which provide medical care of veterans of war from rural areas, two branches of hospital were open: in 2003 - May Day therapeutic office on 30 places and in May, 2004 - Novobugsky therapeutic office on 300 places. It gave the chance to increase number of the treated veterans of war by 1000 people for a year.

The hospital of disabled veterans is today regional organizationally - the methodical center in which true professionals work, the doctors of higher category, two honored doctors of Ukraine, one of which - the chief of hospital Alexander Kreytor whom veterans call not differently as "lovely doctor Kreytor".


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