Lutsenko called the German colleagues "nazi pigs"?

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During incident which happened last Monday at the airport of Frankfurt am Main, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko called the German police officers "nazi pigs".

About it, according to the Munich magazine "Fokus", there is a speech in the report of the Frankfurt police to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany Wolfgang Scheuble, reports German wave.

As the Bild newspaper wrote earlier with reference to police officers, on May 4 Lutsenko and him 19 - the summer son arranged a fight with militiamen at the airport of Frankfurt.

It occurred after the captain of the flight reserved by them to Seoul refused to let them aboard the plane.

"The stewardess of "Lufthansa", having consulted to the captain, I didn't allow drunk men to fly further", - writes the edition.

In reply the son Lutsenko started offending the woman and her colleagues and threw into her the mobile phone.

The patrol which appeared on a call of the stewardess, "unsuccessfully tried to appease" the Ukrainian citizens. Only two representatives of federal police who incidentally passed nearby, helped to make it.

As a result four employees were wounded. It was necessary to deliver Ukrainians in a site.

The edition pays attention that as declared in the headed Lutsenko the ministry, "no drunk fight existed".

At the same time, according to magazine data, in the report to the head of the German Ministry of Internal Affairs it is specified that "the minister and persons who accompanied it, were obviously in a condition of full intoxication. Further nazi and racist insults and blows are listed in the service record" ".

Also journalists to the Bild newspaper which wrote to the first about this incident, are stunned with reaction of colleagues of Yury Lutsenko to incident.

In particular, the statement of the deputy from National Self-defense group Oleg Novikov, according to which "the stylistic and phonetic analysis" articles of the German newspaper I found out that texts were written by the Slav and that it allegedly confirms their custom-made character.

"Phonetic analysis... texts? " - the journalist of the edition Horst Kronauyer was surprised. According to him, in edition "with all the heart laughed" over this "absurd".


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