Yulia Timoshenko's kept dark real estate

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Yulia Timoshenko throughout all political career chronically avoids explanations about business of the family. Even after announcement of the declaration on the income in April of premieres I couldn't tell where her husband earned 3,5 million hryvnias.

Money of a family of Tymoshenko has much in common with the poltergeist. They it seems also are, but nobody can explain their origin. For the last three years of premieres with the close relatives constructed three decent mansions, but sources of their income remain a riddle.

Still publicly only three manifestations of business activity of Tymoshenko were declared. The first is a farm on cultivation of quail eggs of the Yuliny husband of Alexander to which it as it appeared according to the assistant prime minister Olga Tregubova, any more has no relation. The second is varenichny and cafe in Dnepropetrovsk the daughter and the cousin Yulia Timoshenko. The third - granite processing from own pit in the Dnepropetrovsk area.

Tymoshenko when hears a question of business, assures that everything was destroyed at the time of EESU destruction. "Left a scorched earth", - adds in such cases of premieres.

Actually Tymoshenko's property is kept dark so deeply that the impression, as if outside not a democratic mode to which formation I laid a hand of premieres, and a kuchmizm in the prime of life is made.

Tymoshenko's chronic unwillingness to declare the sphere of business interests of the relatives once and for all to remove a question, doesn't answer that to transparency of which at each briefing the prime minister brags.

Being in Dnepropetrovsk, the correspondent of "The Ukrainian truth" found at least Tymoshenko's one asset which still publicly wasn't declared by it as property.

If to understand structure of founders, it is possible to come to a conclusion that Tymoshenko through the relatives is the actual owner of the huge building in the center of Dnepropetrovsk, on Lenin Square.

Earlier here it was located scientifically - research institute at Ministry of Iron and Steel of USSR which in Soviet period was based in Dnepropetrovsk.

The building belonging to relatives to the prime minister - to the minister to firms, has total area over seven thousand square meters.

Proofs of it managed to be found in the contracts of purchase and sale signed in 2006 which got to the order "Ukrainian truth".

According to this document, the International Business Projects limited liability company sold, and Yulia Timoshenko's daughter Evgenia got the room on the first floor in this monumental building. Over time it opened here the varenichny.

Under the first agreement of March 11, 2006 Zhenya became the owner of 41 square meters, having paid 104 thousand 300 hryvnias. That is one square meter cost it 2 500 hryvnias that is equivalent to 500 dollars.

Under the second agreement of April 4, 2006 the daughter Tymoshenko bought 156 more square meters - for 396 thousand hryvnias. That is one meter cost the same 2 500 hryvnias.

Even two years ago it was too low price - 500 dollars for real estate meter on a central square of Dnepropetrovsk. The market cost of one square meter in this place is much higher.

So, in 2006 office rooms in old houses of this area were on sale at the price from 1 600 to 2 500 dollars, reported to "The Ukrainian truth" in the bulletin of real estate of Dnepropetrovsk "Real estate in movement".

And, for example, the room opposite to the building of Ministry of Iron and Steel in 2006 was sold from calculation of 5 thousand dollars for meter.

Usually the seller and the buyer underestimate real estate cost to save on taxes. But they can take this step under a condition if don't doubt reliability of each other. Therefore in this history most of all interested who made such broad gesture for Zhenya Tymoshenko.

According to documents (see a photo), the International Business Projects firm is the owner of all right wing of a grandiose construction on Lenin Square. So, a state for the beginning of 2006 of this company 7 361 square meters belonged.

The first founder of JSC Mezhdunarodnye delovye proyekty is the Cyprian company "Folden Enterprayzes Limited".

Not simply to find out origin of offshore firm. But it is possible to look who was the former owner of this package, that is whose place was taken by the Folden Enterprayzes Limited company in structure of property of JSC Mezhdunarodnye delovye proyekty.

Earlier this share belonged to Ukraino - the Cyprian joint venture "Transport Corporation" which entered EESU. Alexander of Tymoshenko, Yulia Timoshenko's husband was the direct curator of "Transport Corporation".

At the same time the second participant of JSC Mezhdunarodnye delovye proyekty gives is even more transparent to understand who stands behind this company.

So, other shareholder of JSC Mezhdunarodnye delovye proyekty is the Ulan company.

In turn, "Uhlan" has two founders. The first is a known firm "Beyutaga" which is engaged in production and granite processing. Once in the middle of 1990-x years "Beyutagu" together created Tymoshenko and... her present enemy Victor Pinchuk. The firm also had the status Ukraine - the Cyprian joint venture.

At the time of divorce with Pinchukom Tymoshenko decided to take away to itself the granite direction. Now owners of "Beyutagi" are Yulia Timoshenko's mother Lyudmila Telegina, the daughter of the prime minister Zhenya Tymoshenko and юлина the aunt Antonina Ulyakhina.

The second shareholder of JSC Ulan is called as JSC Original. Founders of this company eventually are distributed on some firms as which shareholders the mentioned Ulyakhina and her daughter, the cousin of Yulia Timoshenko Tatyana Sharapova act.

Names of structures which enter a network of this business of a family of Tymoshenko are interesting also. So, the Feniks limited liability company is reminded of a favourite bird by Gennadiya Tymoshenko. In particular, at its insistance the phoenix became the Gromada party symbol. The name of other company - "Sagittarius" - is identical to zodiac sign under which Yulia Timoshenko was born.

The director of JSC Mezhdunarodnye delovye proyekty is Keleberda Leonid Fedorovich. It is one next persons in Yulia Timoshenko's Dnepropetrovsk environment, it since 1996 works in EESU system.

In particular, addressed to Keleberdi powers of attorney were written out by firms which owned Youzhny's actions is mountain - concentrating combine in times when Tymoshenko was the indirect shareholder of this enterprise. Also there are all bases to consider that Keleberda was her representative.

Actually, Leonid Keleberda - the person who enjoys confidence of a family of Tymoshenko therefore he acts as the nominal owner of their assets. So, to Keleberda even Tymoshenko's armor "Mercedes" on which it went to times when the prime minister - the minister in 2006 went to resignation from a position was issued.

Yulia Timoshenko on the last a press - conferences didn't begin to make comments on information on building accessory on Lenin Square it to structures.

- Dear friends, all business - questions set that who is engaged in business. I am not engaged for a long time in business, actually, thanks to political repressions which took place in 1996, 97, 98 up to 2004. Therefore I and business - things incompatible, - explained the prime minister.

- But you got this building when still worked in EESU? - "The Ukrainian truth" tried to specify.

- I once again speak - consult to businessmen, - Tymoshenko answered. - I have no relation to any business.

Actually, having understood structure of property of the International Business Projects company, it is easy to come to a conclusion that in the spring of 2006 Tymoshenko sold the first floor of the building... to itself. And if earlier owners were firms which are mediately involved in it, then the daughter Julie became the owner directly.

And considering, as the seller, and the buyer are connected among themselves, it was simple to them to agree about the "humane" cost of square meter in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. All the same money, by and large, was shifted from one pocket in another.

At the same time Leonid Keleberda told that sold part of this real estate of Zhenya Tymoshenko at such price as the room was in an unsuitable state.

"You would see that there was - everything is destroyed, walls in a fungus, heaps of a stone", - Keleberda told. He also recognized that the idea to create the International Business Projects company belonged to him and Gennadiya Tymoshenko, to the father-in-law present the prime minister - the minister in 1998.

"In 1990-x years this building belonged scientifically - to research institute "Chermetmekhanization" which was in a crisis state, and we simply were one of tenants. We long time paid instead of them for gas, for the electric power, debts collected, they didn't return them to us. Eventually "The international business projects" redeemed this building. Accuracy of sale was observed, we passed all courts", - Keleberda assured.

According to the Dnepropetrovsk realtors, in the first half of 2008 the price of sale of one square meter in "Chermetmekhanization's" house makes 2,5 thousand dollars.Considering that the International Business Projects firm has 7 thousand square meters, the cost of this real estate object can reach 17,5 million dollars.

But market price of the building will increase more and more as in Dnepropetrovsk large-scale reconstruction of Lenin Square is planned. Firms which connect with Tymoshenko's colleagues, deputies from BYuT Garegin Arutyunov and Mikhail Sokolov are going to carry out it. Over time, when Lenin Square becomes the business and entertaining center, and the square meter in nearby territories will be more expensive.

Eventually, anything illegal that Tymoshenko issued property on relatives, no. Simply thus to relatives of the prime minister is inappropriate to tell stories, what even it is necessary "to chip in together for updating of clothes of Tymoshenko all family, cleaning all closets".

One more interesting detail. In the same house on Lenin Square which JSC Mezhdunarodnye delovye proyekty belongs, the office of the Dnepropetrovsk regional organization of Batkivshchina party is located. According to Leonid Keleberdi, the party cell has these rooms not free of charge, and in accordance with general practice - on 30 dollars for meter.

In such cases it is accepted to speak: "Anything personal, it simply business".


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