In the Nikolaev area the biggest rate of inflation in Ukraine. The prime minister - the minister already gave the corresponding instructions to the governor Alexey Garkushe

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The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko chargedto ubernator Nikolaevka areas to Alexey Garkusheand to chairmen of the regional state administrations of other areas to speed up work of the commissions on fight against inflation. It gave such assignment during selector meeting with representatives of bodies of local government, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports.

She noted that following the results of January - April, 2009 in Ivano - the Frankovsky, Dnepropetrovsk, Zakarpatye and Sumy Region received an inflation indicator close to zero. At the same time,the highest rates of inflation were received inThe Poltava Region - - 1,3%, Zaporozhye andThe Nikolaev Region - 1,3%, Kiev, Chernigov and Ternopol - 1,2%.

Thus the highest rates of food inflation for the specified period were noted in the Poltava Region - 1,6%, the Zaporozhye and Lvov Region - 1,5%.

According to the government, in January - April at the prices of white bread in the Rovno Region the deflation, in the Cherkassk Region and Kiev - a zero indicator of inflation is noted. At the same time, in the Lugansk Region for the specified period the rise in prices for white bread made 4,1%, in the Zaporozhye Region - for 1,6%. On sugar prices the greatest growth for the specified period is recorded in the Chernigov Region - 12%, the smallest in the Sumy Region - 3,7%.

"There can't be such big difference in the prices between regions, at which approximately an identical situation.It is a question only in a monopoly position in the markets and that we don't finish in state control questions", - she told.

Yu. Tymoshenko also noted that the greatest rise in prices for pork is recorded in the Lvov Region - 10% and the Chernigov Region - 9%, Kharkov - 6%. Thus the average cost of meat of pork in the Volynsk Region made 36 UAH/kg, in Kiev 56 UAH/kg. On beef the greatest rise in prices for the specified period was noted in the Lvov Region - 5%, Chernigov - 4%, the Sumy Region - 3,2%. Thus the average price of beef in the Kherson Region for the specified period made 29 UAH/kg, in Kiev - 39 UAH/kg.

"Such fluctuation in prices isn't explained by market conditions", - she emphasized.It also charged to the State price inspection of Ministry of Economics to dispatch on YEAH data on the average cost of products in various regions. "In order that you had reference points", - the prime minister - the minister noted, addressing to participants of meeting.


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