Lyapina considers that the gaming needs to be regulated, instead of to be engaged in "hyper populism"

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine Ksenia Lyapina believes that it isn't necessary to draw premature conclusions of rather recent tragic events in Dnepropetrovsk. According to the deputy, it is necessary to wait for official results of work of the commission investigating this incident.

At the same time, Lyapina categorically against extreme prohibitive measures concerning gambling institutions: "It is awful that there was a tragedy - it is necessary to understand its reasons and to understand why it happened in this institution. Licenses stopped at all institutions which had no relation to it and, probably, satisfy all conditions which the state demands. And if the such happened, God forbid, in bank office? At us all banks would close in Ukraine? Here it is called hyper populism"

The decision, according to the representative of WELL fraction - The NANOSECOND in the Verkhovna Rada, can become careful control of observance of license conditions of a gaming. "Conditions license are. Also it is written that in a separate construction of an institution of a gaming has to be. The number of devices on square meter has to be regulated. That is, there has to be a reasonable accurate regulation which limits this far not useful business. But, the most important, has to be effective implementation and control of this regulation. And we have a hyper populism when rush to extremes".

Thus Ksenia Lyapina considers illegal decisions on a suspension of licenses to the institutions fulfilling all license requirements. "What prevents to accept today reasonable license conditions to Cabinet of Ministers? It is a ban which has no lawful bases. It is possible to stop the license for concrete violations. Here, the owner of that institution who had this tragedy, certainly the license has to be stopped. And at what here all the others? That is the law didn't provide such form how to stop all licenses without the bases".

Concrete realization of measures for restriction of a gaming of Lyapin sees adoption of the bill No. 3535 introduced at the end of last year by the government and already being under consideration by the Verkhovna Rada in the second reading at a final stage.

"Many amendments were made by deputies to the bill No. 3535. Any of them improve, any worsen. Over it it is necessary to carry out professional work and in a harmonious look to accept it. The way to it is open, there would be a desire to be engaged not in populism, and it is reasonable to regulate. That is to give that to regulation which can be checked and they will be carried out and won't lead to criminalization. Just as the alcohol sphere - it too demands rigid regulation which in any degree is in Ukraine. And on a gaming - weak regulation. It will be unconditional the special law" - Ksenia Lyapina believes.


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