Simonenko demands Yury Lutsenko's interrogation in Rada

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Leaders of parliamentary fractions during the day will hold consultations for question consideration concerning the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko for resignation.

The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin reported about it today on the Coordination board.

He noted that will address in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet with a request to provide to parliament official information concerning incident with Yu. Lutsenko at the airport in Frankfurt am Main.

Besides, V. Litvin didn't exclude that will appeal to the Minister of Internal Affairs to act in parliament concerning this incident.

V. Litvin noted that with such offer he will address to Yu. Lutsenko because some fractions of parliament of it demand. In particular, demanded to hear Yu. Lutsenko during the Coordination board KPU fractions and Blok Litvin.

So, the leader of KPU fraction Pyotr Simonenko noted that as in the letter of the Minister of Internal Affairs in parliament is said that published information in mass media is inveracious, that is need to hear Yu. Lutsenko in the Verkhovna Rada. "It is necessary to ask questions and to receive on them answers. Let's understand because leaves so that we will resolve personnel issues, and problems remain", - P. Simonenko told.

In turn, the leader of fraction of the Block Lytvyna Igor Sharov declared that information was surprising to it that the operated son of the minister drank 500 grams of vodka therefore, I. Sharov considers, it is necessary to hear the Minister of Internal Affairs in parliament and to draw conclusions.

As the leader of BYuT fraction Ivan Kirilenko reported, the fraction considers it necessary not to tighten consideration of a question and is ready to make it both with Yu. Lutsenko's participation, and without his presence at parliament.

Thus leader of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND Nikolay Martynenko noted that Yu. Lutsenko wrote the necessary appeal to parliament, and hardly he wanted to speak about a state of health of the son all over the country.


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