The parliament isn't ready to release Yury Lutsenko?

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The majority of fractions of parliament we aren't ready to support resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

It was declared by the representative of Party of Regions Alexander Efremov at a briefing on Tuesday.

"Because our boards. let know. That won't vote for resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, we from them ask a clear understanding of a question on what a position they stand why they protect the minister who was convicted of so anti-moral actions", - he told.

"Practically all (fractions) against", - were repeated by Efremov.

According to him, the Communist Party decided to listen to Lutsenko, "that he will tell on this matter.

"NUNS fraction Martynenko's lips told that won't vote for resignation, Litvin's block took a position such sustained that it is necessary to listen about what he will tell (Lutsenko), and, naturally, BYuT doesn't give confirmation that they are ready to vote for resignation", - Efremov told.

He also emphasized that the Party of Regions all the same will be to set on Lutsenko's dismissal.

Efremov emphasized that this vote will be also "check for the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko".

"Today testing is undergone by Tymoshenko: whether for it the position of our state and authority of our state is important, or for it own wellbeing is more important, and it will cover Lutsenko's further actions what they wouldn't be", - he told.


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