The Nikolaev sea trade port, among other Ukrainian MTP, "профилонил" Mintranssvyaz recommendations about revaluation of the fixed assets, are considered by Iosif Vinsky

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The Ukrainian sea trade ports ignored Mintranssvyaz recommendations about revaluation of the fixed assets. It was declared today by the Minister of Transport and communications Iosif Vinsky, acting on department board, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports.

He noted that now the cost of fixed assets of the Odessa sea trade port is made by 1,236 billion UAH, the Southern MTP - (twice less), the Mariupol MTP - 560 million UAH, Ilyichevsky MTP - 413 million UAH, the Nikolaev MTP - 147 million UAH

"On this money (413 million UAH) it is possible to build one mooring, and them there 29 (in Ilyichevsk MTP). The impression is made that port simply prepared for shadow free privatization", - the minister declared.

He emphasized that from - for undervaluation of fixed assets of the Ukrainian MTP, they have no financial resources for updating of the production potential. "On those means which they have from depreciation charges it is possible to buy 1-2 port cranes. It not simply economic nihilism, is preparation for free privatization. We will deal with each chief of port, and to find out why ministry recommendations" are ignored, - he declared.

He noted that thus the Ukrainian MTP artificially overestimate the net profit. "Therefore I am not pleased by their indicators. which in fact are fictitious. if they did amortotchisleniye in the necessary volume, they would have now no so much profit. But there would be a necessary investment resource for further development. and so, chiefs of ports simply "eat" that resource which they have", - he told.

The minister also specified that now revaluation of the fixed assets was carried out by only the Odessa MTP.


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