In Rada don't want to put aside Lutsenko without having understood

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The fraction of Communist party insists that before consideration of the draft of the resolution on resignation of the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko information of the minister on incident in Frankfurt am Main was heard.

"We by last name the person when we appoint or release him from a position, we don't vote", - the member of KPU fraction Pyotr Tsibenko declared.

"Today Yury Vitalyevich was attacked by melancholy, and he wrote the application", - he told, having added that the fraction insists on need to understand a situation.

So, according to Tsibenko, it is necessary to have official documents from the German party in order that the nobility, whether there was such incident, or not.

Answering a question, whether the fraction of communists will support Lutsenko's resignation, in case of question consideration in parliament, the deputy noted that the fraction yet didn't make the decision on the matter.

At the same time the fraction of the Block of Litvin also insists on hearing, as information of the minister, and on consideration of official documents from the German party.

"Today there is no official document that occurred in Frankfurt am Main", - the member of fraction Oleg Zarubinsky told in interview.

According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to inform deputies that actually occurred in Germany.

"If incident happened outside Ukraine and is connected with representatives of the government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to provide to deputies information", - Zarubinsky told.

At the same time, according to the parliamentarian if representatives of different political forces were guided by need to draw conclusions on the basis of only official information, the similar situation in parliament wouldn't arise.

In turn the leader of BYuT fraction Ivan Kirilenko noted that the fraction under no circumstances won't support vote on Lutsenko's resignation.

The same position and at "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction, the leader Nikolay Martynenko declared it.


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