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According to the decision local zhilishchno - Meshkovo's municipal enterprise - Pogorelovsky village council one cube of the drinking water extracted from artesian wells, for inhabitants of the village since January of this year began to cost 4 UAH 20 kopeks. And the drainage system of one cube of drinking water of doubtful quality at all stepped over a 5-hryvnia mark. To indignation of people there was no limit: all arrows departed, certainly, on ZhKP.

Where reasonable limit?

In search of answers to the questions concerning increase of tariffs for utilities, мешково - pogorelovets in three years visited many state instances, however and remained, so to speak, at the interests: officials give one formal replies supposedly violations isn't present, tariffs the local self-government institutions - village council, respectively, approve all questions to it. Executive committee of village council, in turn, approving new tariffs, I was guided by the directive of the state inspectorate for control of the prices in which conclusions it is written accurately down that the approved tariffs are economically reasonable. Also the vicious circle, it seems turns out as and to carp there is nothing. Only tariffs damned grow on three times for a year, as mushrooms after a rain.

In NB newspaper editorial office villagers came as to final instance of justice in which they still trust, with a request to arrive to them to the village on a meeting and to listen to people, to look at work of local ZhKP, and then everything becomes clear. Representatives of initiative group told that last year local ZhKP changed tariffs for using water, the sewerage and garbage removal three times.

- That electric power cost increases, we understand, - with indignation told women, - and - too we understand what with it connect increase of tariffs. However then why we don't receive the services stipulated in the contract between housing and communal services and the house owner? And contracts aren't made out properly: the person doesn't know, for what services he pays money. And, good money. And workers of housing and communal services "fatten" meanwhile:salaries to themselves lifted to 2 thousand hryvnias, "inflated" unreasonably states, European-quality repairs in the office do also other privileges. After all, in fact, this structure - self-supporting also exists at the expense of means of inhabitants of the village, and the there will be actual expenses less, the tariff will be lower also.

Excites people and a question: why with growth of tariffs replacement of old asbestine water supply systems which actually aren't suitable for drinking water isn't carried out. And nobody checks quality of water: the raid on teapots doesn't give in to any heat treatment, the ware suits unless for utilization. Judging by the conclusion of public administration of ecoresources, purpose of the water extracted from local artesian wells - hozyaystvenno - domestic needs. Notice, about drinking water at all the speech doesn't go. Nevertheless, the established payment for its use much more exceeds a city tariff for drinking water.

It was felt, people reached the live. From their words, they are ready to mass protest actions, up to overlapping of the route along which Meshkovo's suburban village - Pogorelovo lies.

Why tariffs grow, and for what we pay?

Villagers for a meeting with the journalist of "NB" gathered near local school, opposite to an old water tower from which water constantly flows. In the winter this tower creates danger of death for passing by people: the frozen blocks at any time can collapse and, God forbid, beat the person. Especially, in several tens meters there is a school.

- We live in the teacher's 2-floor house, - Tatyana Kirichenko with a heavy heart tells, - regularly we pay for utilities, however water in our apartment never isn't present. My neighbors punched a well, and I constantly ask waters as the beggar what, but housing and communal services for water to me regularly total the decent sum from them. Till December I regularly paid for utilities, and then when raised tariffs, essentially ceased. Especially, - Tatyana Nikolaevna continues, - in our house many years the roof proceeds, and ZhKP perfectly knows about this problem, however any measures doesn't undertake. During a rain the electrical wiring so becomes wet that I try not to turn on then some days the light, I am afraid of short circuit.

- I analysed the scheme of water supply of the village, - the inhabitant of Shkolnaya Street pensioner Boris Popovic speaks, - and I consider it as a uniform lawlessness. With such deal of an order at us long won't be.Let's say I turned on the washing machine - the machine gun and you don't know when will stop water supply.

Oksana Shpichka living on st. of Engels, 2, quarter 3, is revolted with the relation of workers of ZhKP to performance of the duties: for months it is necessary to wait for them for carrying out sanitary works. It is necessary to employ plumbers on the party and to pay their services. And why to us then ZhKP?

Women from Shevchenko Street complained that the garbage isn't taken out in time, in particular, branches from trees lay near their houses from fall to spring. It was necessary to employ a private trader and to take out this garbage. And that is characteristic when for garbage removal paid on 2 UAH 50 kopeks from the yard, мусоровозок anybody even didn't stammer at quality of work but when made on 2 UAH 50 kopeks from the person - began to expose claims. It and no wonder: people should lay out monthly the decent sum of money for utilities therefore demand high-quality performance of services.

Was complaints on cleaning of entrances in two-storeyed houses, according to the maintenance of domestic territories much.

He who pays the piper calls the tune?

The director Meshkovo - Pogorelovsky ZhKP, the pretty woman Tamara Tikhomirova of the journalist of "NB" met hospitably. Telling about difficulties of a profession of the housing and communal services worker, in particular, about Meshkovo's problems - Pogorelovo, Tamara Leonidovna a little casually specified that the similar situation with tariffs and in the neighboring settlements, is even worse. As the proof, it showed the messages of municipal services published in the local regional newspaper.

- And as for our salaries, - the director of ZhKP told, - that they correspond to the standards recommended in zhilishchno - the municipal sphere. If we make them lower, we will be fined by the safety inspector …

From conversation with the head of rural ZhKP it became clear that contracts on rendering the services, signed by ZhKP management individually with each host or apartments as that is demanded by the legislation, actually are absent. They or are prolonged from last years, or they at all aren't present. There is a question: how then inhabitants have to exercise control of quality of services provided to ZhKP? After all, to draw up the statement - a claim, the basis - the contract where all rights and obligations of the parties are stipulated, and it is necessary, leaves, at all isn't present in the nature.People got used to pay in the old manner money, to complain of someone, but forgot that live in market conditions that the relations have to build on contractual conditions and then lawfully demand their performance. Most likely, in ZhKP not really - that also are interested available such contracts. Though in the staff list there is a lawyer who prepares statements of claim in court from debtors.

Answering a question: why the water tower near school flows from year to year, the director of ZhKP referred to shortage of money for replacement of the proceeding capacity.

- In a tariff such means therefore if the state budget will allocate to us subsidies for these purposes aren't put, then it is possible to speak about something.


The situation with tariffs in Meshkovo - Pogorelovsky village council, unfortunately, is typical for all Ukraine. After all if to look under the law, the alternative of rural ZhKP while in our state isn't present. And here obviously not to do without the state help.

Under the law on local government, as we know, there are own and delegated powers of council. In this case the statement of tariffs is own powers of executive committee of the Village Council. The solution of session on these questions isn't obligatory, but it is possible. In principle, the law also treats that session can assume powers according to tariffs, and also переутверждать them. Whether only will want Meshkovo's deputies - the Pogorelovsky Village Council to assume such responsibility? Or to force created by them zhilishchno - municipal services to work effectively by decrease in cost of services rendered by them. After all, as the classics learn, all ingenious is simple.

Ahead summer. "Tariff campaign" for tradition will be developed again in the summer. Having counted the losses and losses after "wintering", the housing and communal services enterprise start counting the new prices for inhabitants of area. It becomes in order that, having undergone slow procedure of check of the calculations in six controlling instances, it was possible to accept tariffs prior to the beginning of a heating season. Without noise and dust.


"The Nikolaev business"

P.S.Considering complexity of permission of this situation at local level, inhabitants of the village of Meshkovo - Pogorelovo directed the collective appeal to the ministry of questions zhilishchno - municipal services of Ukraine with a request to interfere by creation of the special commission on problem studying.


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