Gennady Moskal: Foreign intelligence services

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"I any more don't say that time which has been beaten out on the check at the Borispol airport doesn't coincide over time flying away of the minister. Understood, it is a linden", - the People's Deputy Gennady Moskal dined about Yu.Lutsenk before flying away to Germany commented.

"And here that emerged as if "check" for a dinner which ate before flying away the minister and his environment, once again proves - an action prepared, the minister "conducted", it watched", - the deputy continued. - "It can quite be a rezhissirovanny action, in which probably mixed not the Ukrainian intelligence services. And it already question of state security".

G. The Russian emphasized: "It is interesting that the same as Yury Lutsenk, these intelligence services can now "Vesti" of several more influential Ukrainian politicians, preparing against them provocations".

The politician added: "By the way, the hall for official delegations in "Borispol" as all know, is under a wing of the secretariat of the President. To get checks from a recycle bin? - Yes жмеринське the underground of times of World War II so roughly didn't work. And the site "Subject" surprised nobody because works with "a drain tank" same Secretariat".


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