It is simplest to hold early elections of the President if the head of state is seriously ill or will die, - the communist Martynyuk

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Today, on May 13, with working visitto Nikolaev there arrived the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Communist party of Ukraine Adam Martynyuk.

Discussion forthcomingbecame the main question on a press - to conferencepresidential election. Adam Ivanovich once again confirmed opinion of KPU thatpost of the President of Ukraine - superfluous.And to the President were releasedsome veiled "doubtful" remarks.

- But we it is obligatorywe will take part in presidential election.Our dream - that the communist was the last President of Ukraine!- I declaredMartynyuk. - And then it will make everything that this post was abolished.

But, at present there are no prospects of early elections, Adam Ivanovich as there are no constitutional reasons explained. Is such reasonsnot the sformirovany coalitions within the month, the government not created during 60 days or if the Verkhovna Rada isn't able to begin meeting within a month.

- ThereforeKPU insists on impeachment of the President, - I continued нардеп, - impeachment is necessary in order that Yushchenko more never could stand on this post. But in the history of the world countries it isn't enough impeachment cases.Impeachmentshappen less thancriminal recordsheads of powers. We have an impeachment procedure the very difficult. And herein Romania good procedure, if you remember …

-When Ceausescu shot?- "humanist" - the deputy of the Nikolaev regional councilspecifiedNikolay Dzardanov.

-No, - Martynyuk bethought, - when there 26 нардепов declared impeachment to the president, and was builtnational referendum,on which people confirmed the desire to leave the existing president.

Besides, thoughts came to lucid mind of communists, probably, that the reason of snap elections can becomeIosif Vissarionovich's principle - "Isn't present the person - there are no problems".

- It is possible to hold snap elections, if, for example,The president will be seriously ill,- Martynyuk shared reasons. - But same it is necessary to find such commission which will give the necessary reference.Or the second reason - death … But let it will be healthy! Here such prospect …

Prospect of that and whom, remained untold. If at our, already visited alterations with health, the President - that it very and very not iridescent.

Except a meeting with representatives of mass media of the city, are plannedA. Martynyuk's meetings with the Nikolaev local management,students of the Black Sea state university of a name of Pyotr Mogila, and at 17:00 Adam Martynyuk will meetwith inhabitants of Nikolaevin ODK also will answer their questions.


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