The area of shipbuilders has now no real owner, Adam Martynyuk

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As reported today on a press - conferencesnationaldeputy of Ukraine from Communist Party Adam Martynyuk,its business trip inNikolaevit isn't connected with election campaign and is planned, though I was late for a month.

Martynyuk reported that communists in the Verkhovna Rada know problems of the Nikolaev area and try to make decisions in its advantage.

- I know thatbasis of Nikolayevshchina - shipbuilding,- Martynyuk noted. - And I understand that tут now there is no real owner.Nevertheless, following the results of the first quarter of this year,The Nikolaev economy keeps quite not bad.If economy falling about the country as a whole made 31%, in the Nikolaev area - 23%.

Also among the main problems Adam Martynyuk called a situation with a power complex, to be exact, a lack of funds for giving full load of power plants.

Stabler situation in an agrarian complex.

There is a problem on debts of salaries at the enterprises. If the sum of debt on Ukraine as of April 1 made 1,7 billion UAH,that of the "Nikolaev" debts from them - 25 million UAHWhen in January the sum of debt made 23 million, Nikolayevshchina gained 2 million more debts though the government claims that takes effective anti-recessionary measures in two months, Martynyuk noted.

- Certainly, the bulk of debtors is a private sector, - Adam Ivanovich told.

Adam Martynyuk confirmed that knows about problems of the Nikolaev area firsthand. But nevertheless, main virtue which stands up for Nikolayevshchina and submits its problems for KPU fraction consideration in the Verkhovna Rada, is a head of the KPU Nikolaev regional organization the People's Deputy of UkraineVladimir Matveev.


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