Food have to be marked now surely about the maintenance of GMO

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The cabinet of Ukraine made the decision on introduction of obligatory marking of the maintenance of genetically modified organisms by production of domestic food.

About adoption of such decision which comes into force from the moment of the publication of the relevant resolution, journalists were reported by the First Deputy Minister of Economics Sergey Romanyuk.

"We (Ministry of Economics) suggested to enter marking of foodstuff in which there is GMO more than 0,9% - as it exists in the European Union, but according to the proposal of the Minister of Justice the decision was made not to establish it the Cabinet decision, and to proceed from technical capabilities of laboratories which are today in Gospotrebstandart. Thus, any existence of GMO in a product has to be surely designated on labels of any foodstuff of a domestic production", - Romanyuk told.

He also reported that the cost of marking and services of the analysis will be calculated by Gospotrebstandart. He noted that in the analysis for laboratories the profit won't be provided.

Answering a question, whether there are enough laboratories for carrying out analyses on the maintenance of GMO, Romanyuk told: "Today we have such laboratories, I can't tell exact figure, but such laboratories are".

On specifying question, whether means it that after coming into effect of the resolution on marking a new consignment of goods has to be as appropriate marked, Romanyuk told: "Yes, producers will be obliged to designate on labels, whether is present at a product of GMO or not, and at what quantity".

It is known that conducting marking of production made with use of genetically modified raw materials, was postponed since the end of 2007, in particular, from - for absence of laboratories for production research.

In November, 2008 in Ukraine the state standard according to which all food containing the genetically modified organisms (GMO), have to be marked was accepted.

GMO (genetically modified organisms) are live organisms (animals, plants, bacteria and viruses) which genotypes were artificially changed by means of methods of genetic engineering for giving of some useful properties to them. For example, it is possible to enter the genes which are responsible for stability to wreckers, herbicides, adverse conditions of growth into plants. Or it is possible to enter the modifications, allowing to increase the content of useful proteins in milk into a genome of animals.

Genetic modification differs purposeful change of a genotype of an organism unlike casual, characteristic for a natural and artificial mutagenesis. Main type of genetic modification now is use of transgenes for creation of transgene organisms.


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