Gas prices won't raise - Tymoshenko

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The cabinet doesn't intend to raise tariffs for natural gas for the population.

It was declared by the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko at a briefing on Wednesday, making comments on requirements of gas workers to raise tariffs for the population.

Tymoshenko declared that "regional gases are private organizations by which unreasonably high tariffs for transportation and for sale" gas are established rather with all neighboring countries of the CIS.

"Including losses of natural gas in these networks are unreasonably overestimated", - the prime minister emphasized.

Tymoshenko declared that "enough money" is provided to regional gases. "For the population tariffs for gas won't be raised", - she assured.

The prime minister considers that "people who receive less today salaries, have to address to private owners of regional gases, to public prosecutor's workers".

"I as the head of the government will help them to make it and I will address with the letter to the State Office of Public Prosecutor that it understood where private regional gases direct money which they receive for services in deliveries, transportation of natural gas and why they to people who work for them, don't pay extra a salary", - declared to Tymoshenko.

The prime minister assured that "to please to private regional gases the government" won't raise gas prices. "And I think that NKRE also doesn't plan it to do", - she added.

Besides, Tymoshenko reported that the government conducts "quite pedantichesky work on return of our gas local networks, which today in rent at regional gases, to "Naftogaz".

"On their basis we will create supplying organizations. If workers want to pass to work into government institutions, they will receive a normal salary, instead of those remains which to them are thrown by private owners", - the prime minister declared.


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