The coalition of BYuT and PR won't be, Constitutions too?

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Witz - the speaker Nikolay Tomenko doesn't believe in creation of the coalition of BYuT and PR, and also simultaneous carrying out early elections of the president and parliament.

He expressed such opinion in interview "To focus".

"As the intuition, and creation of the new coalition, and the agreement of political forces with the president concerning double early elections - all this prompts to me while is unrealistic. I don't believe that regionals will agree with the president, and I don't believe that they will agree with BYuT", - Tomenko told.

According to him, strategy is up to the end not clear how technically to hold at first early parliamentary elections, and then the presidential.

"And at the president, it seems to me, everything rests against misunderstanding of that to do to it. Yushchenko decided to head fraction on elections, but it appeared that the president can't go in the list. Then the president told that new faces in "WELL" are necessary to them. There was an idea to appoint the leader of the party Vera Ulyanchenko. But, at all respect for the governor of Kiev region if she leads party of the president, it already genre crisis! ", - Tomenko noted.

"And other scenario - creation of the new coalition between PR and BYuT - also has difficulties. In Regions there are a lot of politicians who consider wrong today to share the power with BYuT. To them bring the next poll where Yanukovych on the first place, and they decide that half a year more is better to suffer, but then to control the power completely", - considers Tomenko.

- As for the joint Constitution of PR and BYuT, that, according to vice-the speaker, the history with the Constitution ended, and to presidential election of changes anybody won't bring.

"The Party of Regions purely psychologically never also didn't go to canceling direct presidential election. Business at all in mistrust of political forces to each other, and in this status moment for regionals: that it supposedly will be the parliamentary republic, where the president in general the third party. The part of his environment convinced Yanukovych that today he is No. 1 in a rating, and on it palm off the third position, and it is dishonest", - he told.

Answering a question, whether there can be in the BYuT list Victor Medvedchuk, Tomenko declared: "I defined for myself priorities.And if, conditionally speaking, in our list there will be Medvudchuk or those people with whom I had a serious conflict, I in this list won't be".


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