All employers violate the Labour Code, and the commission of Department of work in Nikolaev not always can stop violations

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In time a press - conferences on May 14 the director of the department of work and a social security of the population of the Nikolaev executive committee Sergey Bondarenko complained that from - for imperfect legislative system the department of work can't provide observance of the rights of hired workers fully.

- Under the law, - Sergey Bondarenko told, - before the commission will come to the enterprise with check, it is necessary to warn about this check in ten days. Naturally, the employer manages to be prepared for our arrival - all workers who aren't issued officially, go on hospital or to holiday. Sometimes directors of the enterprises find all pretexts not to start up the commission on the firm territory for check.

According to Sergey Bondarenko, the provision on the commission of department of work which has to allocate checking with the right more carefully to control employers now prepares. When situation will be ready, it will submit on consideration to deputies of the City Council.

As the head of the analytical department noted and Center researches socially - economic and political researches and the Prospect technologies Alexander Ukhmanovsky, today all employers violate the Labour Code.

- Under the law, - he told, - the businessman has to take for work of the first person who offered the candidate. The law forbids it to elect the employee proceeding from his experience, education etc. But after all all employers don't take for work of the first comer. Respectively, all of them break the law.

According to the head of the Perspektiva center Mikhail Antonenko, most often employers break duration of a trial period and illegally dismiss employees.

- By results of the last four months we recorded 121 violations from which 99 are already eliminated, - the director of the department of work and a population social security Sergey Bondarenko told. - Thanks to it the budget replenished on 64 thousand hryvnias.


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