Than gambling of officials and "one-armed bandits" will end?

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CabinetI suspended all licenses for maintaining a gaming. Within a month any game institution won't work, at this timea complex inspectionwill be carried out all game halls across Ukraine.

Also the government prepares the bill and the address to the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a request next week the document to consider that in Ukraine wasprohibition on placement of game halls in the cities and villages is legalized.

Such extreme measures were takenin connection with the tragedy which occurred on the night of May 7 in Dnepropetrovsk in the slot machine hall,where there was a fire. 9 people were lost, including three employees of an institution, 11 victims were hospitalized. According to preliminary data, ignition of the slot machine which is at an exit became a cause of the fire.

Right there I "woke up" andGeneral prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander Medvedko.It gave an assignment to bodies of prosecutor's office on places to organize verifications of the contents by subjects of housekeeping of the legislation in the gaming sphere. I disposed to pay Medvedko's special attention oncompliancegame institutions and the equipment installed in them to requirements of regulationsconcerning fire safety, labor protection, standards, sanitary and construction standards and rules.

Generally, from - for tragedies in Dnepropetrovsk will get now to all "game" across Ukraine."The thunder burst", Tymoshenko and Medvedko "crossed" and began really "ekzortsistsky" actions concerning owners of game halls. "Exile" will last while month.

Todayin Nikolaev 35 subjects of a gaming in which property there are 230 halls, in each hall from 15 to 30 machine guns are.

To stop work of game institutions for a month for the purpose of check them on compliance to requirements of fire safety - a hard blow for owners of game business. Losses of businessmen which legally hold slot machines, it is simple to count if to consider thatone machine gun about 300-400 hryvnias bring in on weekday the income.Thus the owner is obliged to pay for hall rent, the electric power and other expenses of the maintenance of a gaming, besides, that it already incurred costs of acquisition of the license, permissions, paid "expenses" of various checks.

State regulation of a gaming has not system character,therefore in the market of gamblings there is a considerable shadow sector. Thus, owners of illegal machine guns save on legalization of the business, but also often as a result lose the "one-armed bandits". However, as the gaming is one of the most highly profitable types of business, loss often manage to pay off …

Here also leaves thatthe power and businessmen play the gambling:owners of gambling institutions recoup for inefficient model of state regulation of a gaming, going to shadow sector, and all recoup on them the others.

Fight against a game addiction of nikolayevetsit is periodically conducted as the staff of tax service, law enforcement agencies, and the authorities. Instead of settling the business and government actions, both parties continue to play. Here really, gambling is an infectious disease of semi-civilized barbarians.

- First of all it is necessary to remove similar institutionsas it is possible further from educational institutions and to toughen control on the taxation.It, in turn, can become one of steps on fight with economiccrisis, -the governor of Nikolayevshchina Alexey Garkusha noted recently.- I am the categorical opponent of that today is created in the city in this sphere. In this type of business there are continuous violations. The main offices more than 90% of the institutions working in Nikolaev, are either in Kiev or in Dnepropetrovsk. Respectively, andtaxes leave there.

Nevertheless, as though local deputies didn't complain about a problem of a game addiction of school students, aboutthe blastny administration grants licenses for the gaming organization in area.And whose wine in volume that these institutions appear in buildings of houses and near schools.The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika claims that intends to fight against a similar lawlessness:

- This tragedy which had to happen(about a fire in Dnepropetrovsk - an editor's note), because local governments drew on, that all thisslot machines were under control to local governments. Those licenses which give in Moscow, in Kiev, I don't know still where, except Nikolaev, anybody with anybody doesn't coordinate, - I toldVladimir Dmitriyevich.

Thus it reminded of last year's attempt to remove slot machines.

- You remember that "march" which we made last year? Nearly 50 machine guns withdrew, and right there courts resolved all issues not in favor of local governments. And after all these slot machines are in houses.We on it didn't permit.By the way, and the militia then remained as speak, with a nose. Because all of them together with us made it. And it turned out that courts literally in two days returned everything into place. And we remained, having carried out a lot of work, with anything, - the mayor emphasized.

- Yes,the Nikolaev executive committee gives out permission to the organization of a gamingin the city territory but only if the owner of business already receivedthe license in the Ministry of Finance (it costs about 1 million UAHfor legal entities),the license for the organization and carrying out a gaming from regional administration(it costs370 UAH + on 17 UAH for each point) andpermissions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, sanstantion and other structures, - the deputy of the City Council Alexander Kurchenko told.- Thereforeorodsky council doesn't define the location of game halls.But personally I will votefor removal of game halls in one place behind the territory or on the city suburb if the mayor puts such question to the vote. I also consider that game halls shouldn't be in buildings of houses and near educational institutions.

Having received a starting signal of local authorities, the Nikolaev Ministries of Emergency Situations - nicknames broke to expeditious checks.

- Simple slot machine halls are objects of average degree of risk therefore their planned inspections are carried out time in three years, -I reported the deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area on questions control - preventive activity.- Separate requirements to rules of fire safety of slot machine halls aren't present, they are obliged to adhere to all general rules.

Checksinstitutions of leisure and areaslot machine hallsbegan on May 10.For work in the city territorial administrationGosgorpromnadzorin the Nikolaev area four groups into which inspectors socially - the cultural sphere and power supervision entered were created.The first day was celebrated by closing of all game halls of Nikolaev. Oplombirovaniye it was carried out by workers of UMVS to presence of prosecutor's office, the Gosgorpromnadzor and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

It is already checkedfive subjects of a gaming of Nikolaev, and 28 slot machine halls belonging to themin different districts of the city.To administrative responsibility it is brought six heads and four responsible for electrical facilities.

The most widespread violations is дomitting to work of workers without carrying out instructing and acquaintance with dangerous factors in operating time. The majority of heads and workers of the checked institutions weren't trained also examination on labor protection. Review periods of knowledge of the electrotechnical personnel aren't maintained. Besides, when checking the majority of institutions protocols of measurement of resistance of isolation and tests of contours of grounding aren't submitted.

Since May 12 within 6 days all slot machines in the regional centers and in Ochakovo, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Voznesensk and Pervomaisk will be checked. Checks in Nikolaev proceed.

As for responsibility for violation of such rules, tabout responsibility only the administrative.That is - penalties.

So,Tymoshenko with companions declared a demarche to game business.For a month precisely everything "one-armed bandits" will go underground. Whether there are those legal units a shadow in a month to continue to pay consciously taxes?Than power and business gambling will end, will show time.


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