TIDBIT WITH the RIGHT of REPAYMENT or As the domanevskikh of children the regional power deprived of the House of children's creativity

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At strong and rich it is difficult to snatch even a rusty nail. Where it is simpler at weak, at children: they don't understand laws, won't dare to complain, checks won't demand, at sessions won't make a speech, on vessels won't wear out. The future - again. Initially real. Obviously, the regional domanevsky administration was guided by such reasons, having cynically coveted on an inner sanctum - a childhood slice.

We hope that the common sense will triumph

The collective address to "NB" of workers of the Domanevsky regional House of children's creativity, alas, now former, couldn't but call to the road. "We repeatedly asked for the help deputies of regional and regional councils, in education department, in executive authorities: asked not to destroy in Domanevke the only regional out-of-school educational institution, - it was spoken in the letter. - Essence that the regional House of children's creativity contained due to receipts from rural budgets. Money catastrophically didn't suffice, but the regional council management, being the founder of RDDT, withdrew from the solution of this problem and measures for preservation of the House of children's creativity didn't take. Moreover, since 2006, after the next address to the head of Domanevsky regional council, a series of the systematic checks which purpose as it appeared, there was, alas, not a help began. From January to September, 2007 the House of children's creativity compelled to reduce work in circles at 25 o'clock that contradicted the regional Program of development of out-of-school educational institutions of the Nikolaev area for 2002-2008. The tendency of reduction of hours of kruzhkovy work proceeded (orders of department of education No. 46 of February 1, 2008, No. 395 of November 6, 2007, of February 16, 2009) regional officials answered No. 49 all collective requests and addresses of parents with habitual formal replies, and soon at all deprived of the budgetary financing.

And, as a result, on January 26 from an easy hand of the manager of finance there was a strange document under the name "Property Lease Contract". The department of education transferred the building of the House of children's creativity of 189 square meters with all stuffing to FREE RENT … To Domanevsky comprehensive school No. 1 for up to December 31, 2009. It would be possible to laugh sincerely over so strange rent, if not a modest hang-up in the contract on "repayment of object of rent by the tenant". Alas, his regional prosecutor didn't notice.

Moreover, it wasn't succeeded to find documents in regional offices of the domanevsky power - public prosecutor's protests, instructions, the claims promised by the regional prosecutor in the official answer regional deputies. Speak, they and weren't. And the regional prosecutor didn't wish to meet the journalist of "NB".

"We consider a situation in the country and the state, - I quote the letter in edition. - But children can't be expelled on the street, it is impossible to take away from them opportunity to visit circles, to be engaged after hours, inhumanely to save on it. Especially as sports schools in the area are financed in full volume and even with surplus".

After workers of the House of creativity in edition with the collective letter parents of the children who have been on street addressed. They quite reasonably assume that the House of children's creativity (the three-storyed building in Domanevki's center) was closed not incidentally. Not without reason after all across Domanevka hearings walk that in this room will be soon whether a hostel, whether hotel with bar, or perhaps and still something. And the smoke, as we know, without fire doesn't happen.

"Us officially warned: since April 17 all circles will be closed. Where, tell, to go to the keen kids visiting in the House of children's creativity choreographic, folklore and technical circles? What to do to the children who were going in here for the fine arts, knitting, modeling, designing? The house of children's creativity systematically spent substantial holidays, concerts, exhibitions, it deservedly was considered as the best in area, is awarded by numerous diplomas. What sense to destroy the children's leisure center in the area? We continue to hope that our opinion will consider, and common sense, at last, will triumph".

Virus of financial crisis on - доманевски

The Domanevsky regional House of children's creativity by order officially was "buried" on April 16 this year. And it is difficultly to deny this sad fact:its labor collective is disbanded, the part is transferred to other schools, part at labor exchange … Kids are in the dark, their parents - shocked.

The virus of world financial crisis reached and the Domanevsky area: under the pretext of economy of the budget, minimization, reorganization, personnel "spillage and shrinkage" here get rid of a ballast. At first sight in it there is nothing bad. But having more fixedly peered at figures of grants from the district budget-2009 on certain managers of finance, it is easy to calculate "a regional ballast". Quite strange, the number of victims of financial crisis was selective: local mass media, children and disabled people became them …. For example, editorial office of the regional newspaper "Tribuna Hleboroba" didn't draw and 20 interest from the declared sum, edition of regional broadcasting too, the service for children of RGA is financed only half, the regional organization of disabled people and that is less, and to the regional House of children's creativity the fourth part of the requested sum broke off from the budget only.

But world financial crisis was reflected in the budget of other regional organizations and services very positively. In comparison with last year in the financial plan from now on is to regional sports, culture and tourism, regional education, management of economy, Kolos FGC (160 thousand UAH of the budgetary grant much more freely! ) and to the most regional council. Here the budgetary assignments significantly increased by their contents.

If the top officials of areas on holidays can be called "fathers", it would be necessary to call plenary sessions of sessions "family councils". On - kind it is correct: each area - a big family, a uniform territorial community.

In opinion the domanevskikh of deputies with whom it was necessary to communicate, regional "father" and "mother", alas, prefer to discuss strategic questions unofficially, especially without devoting deputy "family council" in all subtleties of regional life. Here also it turns out that the reason of current situation is not so world financial crisis, and the virus which has struck the regional management of self-confidence.

Voters of the area don't believe that the depuy corps to which they delegated the rights, consciously, of own will financially "smothers" publicity and strikes at the rights of children and disabled people.

Moreover, as the deputy of Domanevsky regional council Vasily Ivanchenko claims, on the House of children's creativity the official deputy address to the prosecutor of the Domanevsky area V. Vysotsky was directed.On March 27 in the answer the prosecutor promised to regional deputies in addition to inform them on final results of check. Alas, yet I didn't inform.

- About distortions with the budgetary financing deputies learned only in March, - Vasily Ivanchenko speaks. - It wouldn't happen if manual control by the budget didn't practice in the area.

Vasily Nikolaevich is convinced: sooner or later in Ukraine it will be introduced administratively - territorial reform. And it is necessary to take care of it already now, keeping and developing regional infrastructure. The situation with the regional House of children's creativity, the regional newspaper and radio is artificially finished to the point of absurdity. These organizations are extremely necessary for ensuring full activity of the area, so they need to be financed and developed adequately.

The patient is rather dead, than is live

Grave-diggers of out-of-school child care facility - the head of regional council Victor Vlasyuk and the head of the district state administration Aleksandra Cuohan - compulsory closing of the regional House of children's creativity explain on - to the: say, anybody didn't take away this establishment from children, the House of children's creativity will surely revive, but only in other form and with other charter.

Over this new charter as to me explained, now and employees of department of education with lawyers pore.

Well, happens differently: to some poets, for example, it is well written under teapot whistle. And here in the Domanevsky area the charter is well written after ridiculous dispersal of labor collective of the House of children's creativity which according to the logic of common sense this charter has to accept. And how it will accept it?

Concerning gloomy future domanevsky child care out-of-school facility the tale of the unfortunate lifeless Buratino who has been just removed from a tree and a consultation as a part of the doctor Sova, the paramedic Zhaby and the sorcerer Bogomol was remembered. On the assumption of the Owl that "the patient is rather dead, than is live", the Toad objected: "The patient is rather live, than is dead". The essence from it didn't change, but the good overcame the evil. And here in life often happens on the contrary.

The situation in Domanevke has something in common with a situation in the country. The child care out-of-school facilities which have become a tidbit for businessmen, gradually remove to private hands. Not incidentally board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (November, 2008.) I obliged chiefs of regional departments of education to take urgently measures to prevention of reduction of a network of out-of-school educational institutions, their reshaping, reorganization, elimination, withdrawal of the land plots. And also to take care of strengthening and their modernization it is material - technical base. For implementation of remote educational projects out-of-school educational institutions have to be provided with the computer and other necessary technical equipment connected to the Internet …

Interestingly, and whether the chief of regional department of education Valery Melnichenko what occurs in Domanevke is aware?

As it appeared, it is aware. But it both hands for preservation of the regional House of children's creativity. "Neither to take away, nor we won't allow to reorientate the domanevsky House of children's creativity! In Ukraine the moratorium on preservation of a profile of out-of-school child care facilities …"


Surprising business: in words all pro, opponents aren't present, but at the same time isn't present already and the regional House of children's creativity.

Where the childhood leaves?

Undoubtedly that domanevsky out-of-school educational child care facility sign for a regional community. In far 1944 when war yet didn't end, and the country stood in the ruins, the power conceiving on prospect first of all took care of that children didn't walk the streets, and time free spent substantially. Despite objective poverty and a heap of important cares, for the domanevskikh of kids there was the respective room. Moreover, resources for a salary to two workers "пионерклуба", to the art director and the instructor were dug up also.

Today not war, but ruin in the human heads is alas more terrible: the regional power, judging by deaf grumble of inhabitants of Domanevka, obviously, intended to take away "a military gift" from children. Otherwise how to explain a chain of the strange events which aren't giving in to logic of common sense?

For the mature 65 years the domanevsky regional House of children's creativity endured a kind pack of regional chiefs: they both came, and left, submitting to the natural cataclysms replacing the power. And child care regional out-of-school facility, despite different political weather, continued to do the humane serious work, creatively developing not one generation of kids.

Whose work is more important and more useful to the area, still it is necessary to think …

But anyway, still nobody dared to take away the children's building attractive in the commercial plan.There is a wish to trust, as the present management won't dare, won't risk to gain геростратову glory under a look of "world financial crisis": won't allow it it to make neither inhabitants of the area, nor sane deputies to whom our future isn't indifferent.


"The Nikolaev business"


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