The mayor of Simferopol told how at opposition "something there where - that was combed" - "and already to eggs there by the handle right"

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Deputies of city council of Simferopol elected the secretary of the City Council the deputy Lyudmila Pykhteeva - the chief physician 7-oh city hospital. The mayor of Simferopol Gennady Babenko reported to journalists about it upon termination of session on May 14.

It assured that 40 deputies who were present at session voted for L. Pykhteeva's election all. "It is the person who enjoys authority", - the mayor declared.

The woman isn't afraid of that the court appointed to May 28 will reinstate as the former secretary of the City Council Vladimir Blinov dismissed by session on March 19.

"Two secretaries never will be. If Vladimir Germanovich has something there where - that was combed, let will go to court and will scratch there that is necessary. You look, will calm down", - сыронизировал the mayor in the comment to journalists.

In his opinion, the sufficient basis for opposition loss in court is that fact that at session 42 deputies, apart from the mayor, voted for resignation of the secretary. Thus each of them is ready to confirm the position in court. Besides, at session there were representatives of prosecutor's office of Simferopol, and the course of meeting is recorded on video. "We won't lose court, even at those financial resources which under it prepare", - predicts G. Babenko.

At this Babenko claims that deputies of city council opposing it never tried to reach a compromise in the conflict in the City Council.

"In the same place to speak there is nobody. If they like conversation, they would behave differently. They wouldn't go with eggs … On this session they brought two bags. And with last even pictures were as Vladimir Germanovich sits accurately and already to eggs there the handle right, already prepares for session", - G. Babenko noted.

The mayor also denies that the former secretary of the City Council tried to contact it and to come to any consensus. "It is lie, you that, don't know Vladimir Germanovich? ", - he addressed to the press.

In turn in the comment V. Blinov declared to journalists that shortly before session on May 14 he tried to communicate with.The woman and to discuss controversial questions, however that didn't go for contact. "It was ringing to the mayor for my part", - he assured.


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