Akhmetov told how Yanukovych jumped to spite of Kuchma and Lazarenko

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Poprygunchik - the dissident nearly didn't break a tribune of the Kiev NSK "Olympic" a terrible minute for all Donbass.

The president of FC "Shakhter" Rinat Akhmetov on a press - conferences after joint with the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych of survey of completed Donbass — the Arena stadium told, than Victor Fedorovich in the fan environment of Donetsk club is well-known:

"Today - on May 14. And on May 14, 1997 Victor Fedorovich became the governor of Donetsk region. So today special date. And on May 25, 1997 there was a match of the Cup of Ukraine between "Miner" and "Dnepr". Then, if you remember, Pavel Lazarenko, the president - Leonid Danilovich Kuchma was the prime minister. Many officials went on stadium to support team... On 36-й to minute Atelkin scored a goal - and all Donetsk delegation grabbed heart: so worried that the Ukrainian management didn't fall apart. One only Victor Fedorovich rose, rejoiced and jumped - supported our team. This person always with team and I is very grateful to him for it", - quotes Rinat Akhmetov's words a press - FC "Shakhter" service.

Simply goosebumps run as you will present. If all Donetsk delegation after Atelkin's goal grabbed heart as to Serege was to finish - hour isn't equal, after a match will dig spiteful Dnepropetrovsk in rocket mine …


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