In Nikolaev opened a memorial to the former mayor Ivan Kanayev

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Today, on May 15, on the Central city cemetery of Nikolaev the memorial on a gravewas openIvan Maksimovich Kanayev, which for eight years, from 1974 to 1982, was the head of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Throughout this time it made a huge contribution to a development of the city, to its social, economic and cultural spheres. At it such known places in the city, as the children's town "Fairy tale" and a new complex for the Nikolaev zoo which is now recognized the best in Ukraine were created.

- It is difficult to overestimate its contribution to a development of the city. Annually the city put in operation of 1-2 schools, 3-4 kindergartens, medical establishment, paid huge attention to health care facilities, - Alexander Fomich Molchanov, Kanayev's receiver, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies from 1982 to 1990 shared. - For it there were no authorities, to rigid criticism and were made responsible both the largest directors of plants, and simple workers of a city service. He spoke to me: "You won't punish fine if you don't hand over in time an aircraft carrier, either the turbine, or an asphalt spreader but if you don't give in time to the city heat, water, bread and you won't carry out working transportation - from you will fine ask". And we always worked in interests of citizens.

- I worked with Ivan Maksimovich very long time, since 1979, - the present mayortoldVladimir Chaika. - I learned at it to responsibility, patriotism, communication with people, science to operate. At it remained nobody in the city of Nikolaev, the daughter with a family lives in Russia, Tamara Vasilyevna - the spouse, after death of the husband moved too to the daughter. And literally I didn't live two months till this memorable day. The daughter decided to bury mother there that it always could come and incline the head to a mogilka of mother.

On opening of a monumentTo Ivan Kanayevpupils and followers, the former and real city heads came it, everything who remembers and reveres memory of the mayor who in 1996 for big merits in the field of town-planning, developments of economy, culture and the social sphere of the city was awarded by a rank of "The honourable citizen of Nikolaev".

- I had no moral right this monument not to make, - reportedVladimir Dmitriyevich. - I initially had a thought to construct this monument at the expense of charitable contributions. We, his pupils and followers, were dumped by the means and made the project - it cost neither more nor less - one thousand dollars. And we would be dumped and on a monument, and would ask for help of the public. But I thought, and where a moral aspect of our community? Why it is impossible to make it openly - after allIvan MaksimovichI worked for a community, I worked for the budget. Why the budget can't pay to it the last tribute. And, thank God, deputies practically everything, except for some, I won't call a surname, supported me. Yes, were also such which spoke: "And from what suddenly, and the budget today and so small why we have to do it at the expense of the budget? ". I sweep aside it, these people want to make to themselves public relations, it seems as they protect interests of the budget - not that way protect. All of us made this decision. And, thank God, that to me in Nikolaev trust - we built a monument - we can lend guarantees that we will pay off because money in the budget is allocated - according to the estimate we allocated 190 thousand hryvnias. Monument built in three weeks.


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