Yushchenko gave to Europe a red card and won't launch the nuclear weapon

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The president Victor Yushchenko declares that Ukraine is ready to provide the international guarantees concerning non-stationing in its territory of the nuclear weapon, foreign bases, and also protection of the air space in case of the integration into NATO.

He told about it, addressing representatives of a business community of Switzerland in club of businessmen of "Videnmos" in Raytnau (Switzerland).

"We are ready to give the international guarantees that on our earth the nuclear weapon" will be never placed, - he declared.

Speaking about advantages of integration of Ukraine in Yushchenko's North Atlantic Alliance stated belief that Ukraine will pass the same way as well as the East European countries which after disorder of the Soviet Union were integrated from the Warsaw pact into NATO.

He emphasized that understands is perceived the euroatlantic ideology in Ukraine how more difficult, "which much more than years lived in false ideology which drew the enemy in an image of NATO".

"I don't ignore human opinion, but it is necessary to understand that our country lives 17 years with foreign base in the territory, and that our constitutional law on a conclusion of these armies so hard is solved, we live having the decision of the State Duma of the Russian Federation that Sevastopol this Russian city", - was told by Yushchenko.

He emphasized that Europe isn't interested that Ukraine was an instability zone on the continent. The head of state gave an example across Georgia when from - for armed conflict it remained without part of the territory.

"Europe received a red card, for the first time for so many years nobody could provide territorial integrity of the country", - the president told.

At this Yushchenko emphasized that Europe only will win if Ukraine is integrated into NATO and will be a stability zone.


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