Yury Grimchak: The legend weaved by enemies of Yu.Lutsenk, is scattered in a dust

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"The Party of Regions creates a charged atmosphere in parliament, hurrying with resignation of the minister as its strategy is based on conjectures which will shortly be destroyed. And shortly "regionals" will appear in very uncomfortable position", - the parliamentary representative of social movement "National self-defense" Yury Grimchak declared.

He told that the Party of Regions shows "unscrupulousness, demanding resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenk without existence of the documents showing it, instead of the German police to wine during the Frankfurt incident".

The politician emphasized that "already today became clear what to claim about as if intoxication of the minister in the absence of analyses of his blood it is impossible. Already nobody dares to support a legend about "3 per milles of alcohol", as if found in blood of the son of the minister - the sick child who is under the supervision of doctors. The legend weaved around as if a negative role of Yu.Lutsenk, is scattered in a dust".

"If tracking cameras at the airport documented inadequate behavior of the Frankfurt police, it will appear, the German party should what apologize", - Yu.Grimchak summarized.


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