"To drink, so to drink", - the kitten when him bore told to heat. After all in Nikolaev there will be no animals shelter the next few years

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The question of homeless vagrant animals, their cruel destruction and rejection of measures for an occasion of their control disturbs not only representatives of the organizations of protection of animals, but also each humane nikolayevets.

The city authorities allocated a place aroundmarket Earfor sale and an exchange of animals, but also there was an incident with so-called"donators"."Donators" who located in "poultry market" at the Kolos market, -is those who accepts on "realization" of kittens and the puppies which owners don't want to be engaged in search of owners.According to the representative of volunteer movement of defenders of the nature of the Muse Makhova,they take from the owner of a puppy or a kitten for this "pristraivaniye" on 20 UAH for each animal. And not given away puppies and kittens they atпаковывают in checkered bags or cardboard boxes, wind them with an adhesive tape and take out on an old city cemetery, members of initiative group of volunteer movement of defenders of animals of Nikolaev testify.

- In the Ship area it is taken awayplace near hospital behind gas station under the market of animals. Now it is projected, the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika told. - I don't know how the owner leaves now, in a crisis situation, but I hope, this year the project will be ready.

Very rigidly fans of the nature raise a question.I know that it is necessary to be engaged in burial of animals in the separate block of a dump. Surely for utilization of animals the crematorium is necessary. Its cost is 25-30 thousand dale.We think how to find money.I have no neither a cat, nor a cat, but very much I suffer, and the soul is broken off when on the road force down an animal.And when it becomes very cruelly, blasphemously. Certainly, in Nikolaev there are a lot of tamed and thrown animals. And now this task is shifted to shoulders of local government are you have to, it you are obliged.

Yes, we have to and are obliged,but I say frankly to you that this year we will have no boarding school for animals. I doubt that it will be and next year. And here that is connected with their utilization or sterilization is a feasible task.

But, if one operation costs for50-60 hryvnias and to lull - 30 hryvnias, if we last year utilized5,5 thousand vagrant dogs- we will increase on 30 - the decent sum which is necessary, for example, on children, on their improvement. Each kopek on the account.

So while animals should live by the principle:"- To drink, so to drink, - the kitten when him bore told to heat" …


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