The Nikolaev society of protection of animals insists on adoption of new Rules of the maintenance of pets

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that in the Ship district of the city of Nikolaev,

mother of four children killed her, skinned and ate, having shared with friends.

As considersMakhov's muse, in - the first, sufficient investigation, and in - the second wasn't made, nobody cancelled the legislation on protection of animals.

"It is a question of an animal abuse. And under the Law on protection of animals that with a pet arrived as with agricultural, - a crime", - tellsM. Makhova.

Impunity of one generates further crimes - in city society of protection of animals one more statement from the same Ship area how hit a dog arrived, and before threatened a family in which the animal lives. About it reports

The primary source of such resonant events - not only absence of desire at militiamen to guard laws and the rights (including animals), but also insufficient regulatory base.

Nikolaev lives long ago withoutRules of the maintenance of pets,which, of course, can't be a guarantee that a domestic dog or a cat some citizens won't want to use for dinner.

But in that optionRules of the maintenance of domestic dogs and catsin Nikolaev which was developed by city society of protection of animals and which is now considered in the deputy commissions and it has to be submitted for the closest session of city council, it is once again emphasized: in the territory of Nikolaev it is forbidden to treat cruelly animals or to scoff at them, to destroy them, to carry out dog fights, and also to breed dogs and cats for receiving from them of meat and skins.

That offers the draft of Rules developed by city society of protection of animals. Rules of the maintenance of domestic dogs and cats in Nikolaev, in - the first, assume obligatory registration of all pets, and in - the second, contain requirements to owners of pets to regulate an issue of own animals.

Besides, in Rules there are points which regulate life of possessory dogs on streets of our city:where the dog as the owner where it is possible to sell an issue, etc.

has to behave has to be walked

Certainly, for registration, and also that you are the owner of a pet, it will be necessary to pay - to the same housing and communal services department which, in compliance with these Rules, has to serve and provide the corresponding technical and sanitary condition of the places fixed to it and zones of walking of animals, and also platforms for training of dogs.

Especially in Rules rules of behavior of owners of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds (the list of the breeds of dog recognized as potentially dangerous, to Rules is attached) are stipulated.

It is necessary to add that this version of Rules "competes" with the version of Rules developed by housing and communal services department and while it isn't known what of options deputies will consider the best, to what project they will give the preference.

But part of deputies, as, for example, the constant commission on questions of ecological policy, protection of surrounding environment and resource-saving under the chairmanship of the head of fraction of Green PartySergey Litvak,already entirely I supported the project of public men.


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