Kuchma modestly noticed that Ukraine without him degraded

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The ex-the president Leonid Kuchma declared need of holding early parliamentary elections after the next presidential.

He told about it on air of Inter TV channel in revival in the evening.

"Any new president who will come, has to address surely to the people and tell: dear friends if everything remains as are, the country is expected by more serious processes. It is necessary to go for early elections", - I noted ex-the president.

"If this parliament voluntary disagrees, means to help that this parliament left", - Kuchma noted.

He considers that the newly elected president has to "will address to people that they supported that political force from which it will be that at it opportunity through parliament was valid to pursue the necessary policy".

In too time, Kuchma noted that "it is impossible to allow early parliamentary elections" to the presidential.

"To dismiss parliament is means desire of the power to use an administrative resource which it has. Only after presidential election", - I declared ex-the president.

Making comments on a situation in the state, he declared: "It seems to me, in recent years there was a state degradation. The authorities as that in the country aren't present. There is a threat of disorder of the country, and it isn't necessary to suppress it".

Answering a question of the leader who is guilty and when processes which led to a present agony of system of public administration in Ukraine began, L. Kuchma emphasized that "the Lenin or Stalin slogan, on - to mine, Lenin returned back that the cook can operate the state. Here at us is, unfortunately, at many steps of the power of "cook". They simply aren't capable to see strategy of development of the country. They aren't capable to allocate priorities in any situation, including in such crisis", - L. Kuchma told.

"That backward which was in time "orange revolution, and all these years, already the fifth year, it everything remained, that is, they didn't grow wiser during this time", - declared ex-the president.

Making comments on statements about "a strong hand" which sometimes sound in Ukraine, ex-the president told: "For such short period to lower economy to such level is it is necessary to be too "talented" people.Not the strong hand has to be, and a clever hand. More precisely even a clever brain which shouldn't think how to keep the chair. And can be which has to think, instead of whether it is time for me to leave and become in general aside and to help if I am capable to help", - he emphasized.

The also ex-the president insists on need of national election of the president.

At the same time, he noted that "looking at a today's situation", he supports existing model of the power in the country.

"Thank God that at us парламентско - presidential model. That it is impossible to give the power to one person who this power can't normally dispose. Therefore I for парламентско - presidential model of management. But, by no means, that the president was elected in parliament", - declared ex-the president.

"Me surprised that practically till the latest moment there were negotiations between Party of Regions and BYuT to make such model of board. I was surprised by such position of Party of Regions", - he noted.

He also noted concerning the last statement of the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych concerning need of national election of the president of the country: "Thank God that ripened, differently it would be simple treachery of national interests of Ukraine".

In too time, L. Kuchma considers that "the government should give the chance to finish".

"They say that they have a coalition in parliament. Let really to elections will finish and will show, on what they are capable. Though we well know their abilities", - he told.

Besides, L. Kuchma urges to publish statistics of falling of gross domestic product.

"If today it is necessary to show to the country what the budget at us, so it is necessary to take out really it in parliament and to show that people saw where we have the biggest holes", - I told ex-the president.

"We simply hide. If gross domestic product falling left from announcement by the month, told quarterly, so for a long time quarter ended. We don't show, what falling of gross domestic product", - he declared.

"I understand why the budget don't want to show. Because manual control, do with it that you want", - L. Kuchma emphasized.


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