Nikolaev's measures Vladimir Chaika personally went to Kiev to give the answer to "Chamberlain" - to I. Vinsky

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in Kiev

Nikolaev mayorVladimir ChaikaI told the correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"about the business trip to the capital. We will remind that last weekV. ChaikaI was

in Kiev

"I was in Kiev two days. I went to protect interests of local governments on land use, declaredVladimir Chaika. - Because I can't agree with the Minister of Transport and communicationsIosif Vinsky, when it instructs me to cancel decisions of the City Council on these or those land plots. It not its powers. It can't interfere with affairs of local council on any questions. It can appeal to court, can address in prosecutor's office, can tolerantly address in local governments. But to give me command especially as the joint body made the decision at City Council session - can't. Therefore, I tried to inform to the government that the bill of sea trade ports which try to push through the Verkhovna Rada - wrong and illegal".

According to the Nikolaev mayorVladimir Chaika, that there is this intervention in local governments and violation of the Land Code. "There it is accurately defined that only local governments own the earth and can give or not give, allocate or not allocate the earth. And in this bill it is stated that it will do the Cabinet together with ports. I don't agree - it is necessary to help ports, but it needs to be done lawfully. I call only a few laws which norms are broken by this bill - the Constitution, the Land Code, the Law "About Navigation", "About Borders", "About Customs"", - specifiedV. Chaika.

"Therefore I went to Kiev, and to us listened in committees, and agreed that this law needs either be not to adopted, or "to bring down" it. And to begin everything with the beginning. And after all there are interested people in tearing off today the water area (and there it is written accurately down that the water area is a nation-wide property). And the new bill of Ministry of Transport and the profile commission makes changes that the water area allocated to port becomes its property.And under the water area the earth, and the earth according to the law is property of that region in which is", - the Nikolaev mayor declared.

"We defended "Nibulon's" interests. "Nibulon" already is today the byudzhetonapolnyayushchy enterprise of the region and the country, and it try to tire out in a framework of "statehood" and to select everything that it constructed. It that, expropriation 17-18-x years? ", - I askedV. Chaika.


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