Балога finally I despised Yushchenko from top to toe

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Press - the service "Uniform center" distributed the statement of Balogi for resignation in which that explains the reasons of the unwillingness further to work with Yushchenko.

The main reason of resignation of V. Baloga called the categorical disagreement with V. Yushchenko's decision for the second time to stand to a position of the President.

"It is convinced that you have no moral right to go on presidential election. At least, in it I to you not the colleague".

V. Baloga explained the conviction to that V. Yushchenko for all the time of stay in the highest state position couldn't embody promises which he made to the Ukrainian society during election campaign of 2004. Then "the Ukrainian people on a wave unprecedented still lifting entrusted you destiny of the country. To you believed. Million Ukrainians in every line of the speech of inauguration saw hope that with the new President there will be new Ukraine - without the cynical power, proud and prosperous. You allocated with all completeness of the power that you carried out such transformations necessary for the state. We were ready to support you in all most courageous undertakings".

As it is written in the statement, "anything from those hopes wasn't confirmed, time is irrevocably lost. "Ten steps towards to people" and remained the beautiful myth, any system reform isn't carried out. Corruption and kumovstvo in the authorities, double standards at adoption of the state decisions became dullness. Annoyingly to realize, but you made nothing for power cleaning".

The second reason of resignation of V. Baloga called V. Yushchenko's immediate environment which at his will was included into the power, having held high state posts. That fact that in many personnel appointments the President was guided not by professional qualities, and simply related or friendly relations, V. Baloga calls kumovsky in the power. "To you it is indifferent that your environment as corrosion, corrodes the power and the state. When I reported on you on the shouting facts, you pretended that you don't hear".

V. Baloga noted that within nearly three years of the work on Bank felt continuous pressure from an environment of the President which in every possible way tried to get rid of the inconvenient Head of the Secretariat.Therefore resignation is not escape from difficulties, and the open protest against attempts of confidants to V. Yushchenko to people to direct the Secretariat. "And never it I allowed anybody and I won't allow", - V. Baloga emphasized.

In a resignation he also raises the question of a personal responsibility of the President that the whole years of his management the power shake continuous crises and the conflicts.

"In one imperious institution or political force you never saw the partner. Early elections of the Verkhovna Rada in 2007 gave the chance of achievement of a political compromise, power stabilization. You didn't use this opportunity. You for the second time, after the first failure vote, brought Yu. Tymoshenko's candidate to a position of the head of the government though could not do it. From consequences of your decision our country will recover yet soon.

Therefore also you, and Tymoshenko can't even apply for the post in the power. Both of you have to go".

V. Baloga explained the persistent desire to leave a position as well to that the meaning is lost to work in conditions when initiatives of team of the Secretariat stick in apathy of the President. Thus in the statement the attention is paid that at the time of arrival on Bank new team there blew as emptiness, "still it is a little - and it was possible to hang up the lock". According to V. Balogi, he with colleagues managed to renew efficiency of the Secretariat therefore here he considers the mission executed. Especially as the President himself doesn't want to develop Secretariat work in interests of society and the country.

Summing up the stated arguments, V. Baloga emphasized that his statement testifies to an open and honest position. "Never I clung to any bossy chair, including on Bank. Don't want and can't further occupy the post which doesn't bring benefit to people and the country", - there is a speech in the document.


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