The Ukrainian politicians are sure that patriotism of Brazilians of "Miner" will bring the UEFA Cup to Ukraine

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The Ukrainian politicians are convinced that in a today's UEFA Cup final which will take place in Istanbul, will win against Donetsk football club "Shakhter".

In particular, in the express - agency pollUNIAN the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Yury Ekhanurov predicts that "Miner" will win against Bremen "Werder" with the score 2:1. According to him, today there will be very interesting match which phenomenon is that it has to unite Ukraine.

"I am a fan with a huge experience. I still found Valery Lobanovsky. But now very interesting match which will collect all Ukraine", - the Minister of Defence told.

The minister of affairs of youth and sports of Ukraine Yury Pavlenko is also confident in a victory of "Miner", but in day of a match he wouldn't like to do forecasts that "not to maleficiate". "It is obvious that I am ill for "Miner", it is obvious that I wish them a victory", - Pavlenko told, having noticed that as a whole the team of "Miner" is stronger, than German "Werder". And motivation at Donetsk team, according to the minister, more strongly.

pro the big country costs the Miner", them supports. We will hope that "Miner" uses all advantages which has before "Werder", - Pavlenko told.

Witz - the prime minister - the minister Ivan Vasyunik noted that Ukraine will surely win today. He told that yesterday watched TV reports from Istanbul and saw that players of "Miner" have a strong, patriotic spirit.

"I think that they have a full responsibility and understanding that wins in a today's match not only "Miner", but also all Ukraine, and all Ukraine will worry about them", - he told.

The chairman of Security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko is convinced of a victory of Donetsk team. "I wish them a spirit only on a victory, and, by the way, they have it, as well as at each Ukrainian", - the head of security told.

The general prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander Medvedko also considers that "Miner" will win with the score 2:1. "I wish them only a victory. I since the childhood support this team because I from Donetsk region", - the general prosecutor told. Medvedko is convinced of a victory of the Ukrainian team.

The chairman of Public administration of protection Valery Geletey is convinced that "Miner" will bring the UEFA Cup to Ukraine."I wouldn't like to tell the account, but I am convinced of a victory", - he told.

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Pyotr Yushchenko considers that "Miner" will win with the score 3:1. Yushchenko noticed that German "Werder" is lower on the status of the Ukrainian team. Also he considers that the Turkish fans will support the Ukrainian team.


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