As in the absence of financing the state can solve problems of ship-building branch of Ukraine

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As there is a wish to hear from the state: "Money isn't present, we give freedom! Work! " - isn't tired to repeat the first vice-the president of Association of shipbuilders "Ukrsudprom" Victor Lissitsky. Shipbuilders understand creation of equal conditions as "freedom" with the international competitors. "When we say that it is necessary to cancel the VAT for import, we don't ask any privileges, we speak about building the real vessels, instead of boxes. It is necessary to import engines, various ship systems which aren't made in Ukraine", - speak in "Ukrsudprom", emphasizing that with removal of these restrictions will win not only shipbuilders, but also allied industries. For full work shipbuilders need understanding from state agencies: in particular, accelerated compensation of the VAT or at least increase of level of service of service to the enterprises - exporters, and also granting the state guarantees.

That we have

Not the first year of ship builders of Ukraine is forced out from the international markets by producers from the Asian countries. From construction of the large modern especially difficult ships domestic plants degraded before construction of small, not complete vessels and simply cases, losing on it the main earnings. According to Goskomstat of Ukraine, on rates of decrease in production of machine-building branch the ship-building branch wins first place. The shipbuilding of Ukraine quickly goes to the disappearance, Victor Lissitsky is sure.In his opinion if the state not "falls in love with shipbuilders" and won't attend to their problems, through a year and a half the branch will finally lose the importance. Thus the shipbuilding is considered strategically important for the country and capable it is essential to fill up "a homeland treasury" with currency as the majority of the shipbuilding enterprises today are absolutely focused on export.

Experts explain appeal of Asian shipyards to the European customers not only cheap labor and, therefore, low cost of production, but also that in these countries at rather high level the state support of shipbuilding. In particular, privileges are provided to these shipyards and low tax rates on the imported equipment and production raw materials that allows them to carry out orders in short terms are established and to deliver production to clients.

The Ukrainian shipbuilders try to reach the state any more the first year also. It is impossible to tell that them don't hear. Problem questions of branch were discussed more than once by the president of the country and the government. For example, last summer the prime minister - the minister fascinated shipbuilders by the awareness on a state of affairs in branch and desire to help it. But I passed year, and any of the promises made at that meeting wasn't executed.

This spring the new round of concern of the government began destiny of shipbuilding. Not so long ago the indistinct concept and strategy of development of shipbuilding on some tens years was accepted. Promises scatter now also the minister промполитики Vladimir Novitsky, and the head of committee of regulatory policy and BP business Natalia Korolevskaya, and the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko. That waited actually from the state by shipbuilders?

On own bread

Today the majority of the largest shipbuilding enterprises of Ukraine are privatized by known Ukrainian and Russian businessmen. Konstantin Zhevago controls shipbuilding plant "Gulf" and the Kiev shipbuilding ship-repair plant, Vadim Novinsky - Kherson (HSZ) and Black Sea (ChSZ) shipbuilding plants, Konstantin Grigorishin - "Sevmorzavod", Russian "Vadan Yards" - "Damen Shipyards Okean". It would seem, what questions to the state, after all all cards now in hands of private owners. Approximately so also officials quite often argue, listening about problems in the market and unequal conditions for domestic shipbuilding.Owners of the enterprises with it also don't argue, modestly noticing that Ukraine at present is almost only ship-building country where there is no state support of branch.

To demand something from the state now - it is senseless, consider at shipbuilding plant "Gulf"." In - the first when were more - less normal economic conditions, the ship-building branch received nothing so now to speak. In - the second, we as the private commercial enterprise have to be competitive in the market environment. I am not the supporter of to demand from the state of global programs of support or the financial help. It is impossible to ask "not earned" money in general, it breaks all system of business as process", - the chairman of the supervisory board of shipbuilding plant "Gulf" Nikolay Kuzmenko declared, having noticed that on the example of "Gulf" the team of managers showed quite successful solution of many problems. This enterprise in a deplorable state - with the losses, unpaid salaries, numbering production personnel a little more than three hundred people - in October, 2005 was got by Konstantin Zhevago. For 2007 the net profit of the company made 4 million UAH, the number of workers exceeded one thousand people. However, crisis introduced the amendments, and on togas of 2008 the plant received the losses caused generally by an exchange difference as the gross profit of the enterprise increased to 61 million UAH

According to the "Gulf" management, the solution of problems of the enterprises of branch has to begin not with appeals to the state, and with optimization of the production and administrative personnel. "In this case the help of the state will make sense. But it at all the help, and reasonable support", - Nikolay Kuzmenko is sure. On what the owner of the enterprise, so counts it that the government all - "will face them". "We count not on the help, and it is rather on the state protectionism. It is necessary to revive the protectionism of the country directed on support of own producers. It is the reasonable protectionism civilized which use the states caring of own production", - the head of the supervisory board of "Gulf" noticed.

That business - Wednesday in Ukraine doesn't promote shipbuilding development, note and in "A smart - holding" - the company controlling HSZ and ChSZ.

"First of all we lose to our European colleagues on objective factors business - Wednesdays - availability and the cost of financial resources, customs difficulties, freezing of working capital from - for shortcomings of the tax legislation and the administration regulations", - agree with colleagues and in a press - service "Smart — Holding".

Today the Kherson shipbuilding plant takes workers for implementation of orders with which it is provided to the middle of 2010. Novinsky's enterprise, perhaps, to the only thing in branch managed to get small profit following the results of 2008. On HSZ in 2007 six new vessels, and last year - already twelve were constructed. If the owner can be proud of progress of the Kherson shipyard, the second asset - infamous ChSZ - while isn't present. The enterprise "A smart - got to holding" in a serious condition, and in 2008 only one case of the tanker was floated.

Owners of ship-building shipyards consider that depending on them as managers they do all, but the accurate state policy is necessary for full use of huge capacity of ship-building branch of Ukraine. "If state support of branch was necessary in the period of economic boom, now, during universal recession the state policy of support of shipbuilding is pledge of a survival of all branch", - sounded in a press - service "Smart — Holding" a position of the management of the company.

In that without understanding and support from the state private shipbuilding not to do in any way, are sure of JSC Vadan Yards Okean. The enterprise is privatized in 2000 of Damen Shipyards Group then already it was twice resold. According to the register of shareholders of society, since November of last year the main shareholder of Nikolaev "Ocean" is the ship-building group "Vadan Yards" which owns also two ship-building shipyards and design bureau in Germany. At the enterprise are sure that the former Danish and Norwegian owners at all the interest to the enterprise didn't sustain just specifics of the Ukrainian market.

Meanwhile in "Vadan Yards Okean" already counted, what dividends will be brought to the enterprise by state regulation. In - the first, there will be an opportunity to recycle more metal (32 thousand tons instead of present 20,5 thousand tons), so, and to make more vessels. Therefore to increase personnel number by one thousand workers, having brought it to 3,4 thousand people."Considerably contributions to the budget, a profit tax would increase, the salary would increase. We would attract bigger number of contractors, and it is a push for development of all region", - the deputy finance director "Vadan Yards Okean" Gennady Manzhos noticed.

Money more

If the private ship-building enterprises wait from the state not for money, and only "love and understanding", the state plants - first of all money as are on the verge of bankruptcy. In March the labor staff of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards demanded from the government of payment of 15 million UAH of debt on a salary and state orders. For the solution of this question in Minprompolitike suggest to sell a personal estate of plant - tows. Concerning this enterprise of opinion of experts common: here additional financing or state regulation you won't help. Any means will be a drop in the ocean for the enterprise, whose production is today at the level of 30-x years. In case of public industries it is necessary to begin with privatization and involvement of the conscientious owner, ready to make investments in production and infrastructure modernization.

Today to shipbuilders is pleasant to hear that dealt with their problems at high level, however there are fears that all conversations and remain conversations, and the program of the government which hasn't been filled with concrete measures of support, remains simply good wish.

In March of the current year the labor staff of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards demanded from the government of payment of 15 million UAH of debt on a salary and state orders. The government made the decision to allocate to the enterprise of 6 million UAH for the maintenance of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser and partial elimination of debt on salary payment. However this sum - a drop in the ocean. Can rescue the enterprise unless the new economic owner


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