The general plan will be again submitted for City Council session: the mayor practically accused deputies of corruption

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As the mayorreportedVladimir Chaika, regular session of the City Council has to take place on June 19. Therefore it even if also I wanted to go on leave, "deputies don't release".

For this regular session it will be again submittedGeneral plan of Nikolaev, which at last session Vladimir Chaika disqualified. He explained it so:

- Before submitting it for session, I talked over with all leaders of fractions, and all leaders told "yes". We had to accept the General plan, and the second point to write down an assignment to management of architecture to continue over it work and in half a year to make necessary changes and additions. But as soon as I began to bring this question, already felt breath "no". For whom is it necessary? That who doesn't vote. As well as that it isn't favorable to whom "to bring" the commission about land disputes. Three years I am not able to do it and is compelled to pass this decision the decision of executive committee of the City Council to legalize it with the further statement at City Council session. Let it though so will start working because there is a lot of controversial questions.

As for further destiny of the General plan,SeagullI told that some deputies - "those who wanted" - went to developers of the project to hold consultations. Also set far-fetched and unnecessary, from the point of view of the mayor, questions. Why? Because for them "set the task such". Who set this task, the mayor didn't specify. I told only that the speech about the bridge, "which bypass never will be" because this bridge "in anywhere", but deputies demand calculations for this bridge, about a green zone on Alyaudakh and about some similar details.

- These games are necessary to us or rules of building are necessary to us? And rules of building will oblige everyone who received the earth. In a year I didn't construct - good-bye, the earth leaves on auction. We have such sites allocated in 2003-2004 on which there is no project. We only prolong and we prolong (reservation, - an editor's note), we collect 46 votes and again we prolong for a year. I speak: give though on 3 we will prolong. No, for a year. Why? Because it in a year will come and again will go on the same people.In three years it won't be necessary to them because elective campaign will take place in 2010, and here it is necessary here now.



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