The coalition again quarreled from - for personnel questions?

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On Thursday in the Verkhovna Rada had to become day of resignations and appointments in Yulia Timoshenko's government, however the coalition quarreled again on personnel questions.

As the newspaper "writesToday", this time "the protimoshenkovsky part "our Ukraine" confuses the issue": she tried to organize resignation vice-the prime minister Ivan Vasyunik of whom blamed a failure of preparation for Euro-2012 - but this step blocked BYuT.

According to the source in Tymoshenko's environment, Vasyunik's resignation was demanded allegedly by the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch Igor Kolomoysky.

"It is its initiative, instead of Julie (Tymoshenko). It has a tooth on Vasyunik from - that Dnepropetrovsk is excluded from the list of the cities which will accept Euro-2012. Therefore about its discharge the question was brought up by deputies "WELL - NANOSECOND" from Kolomoysky's group (Igor Palitsa, Alexander Tretyakov and others)", - are approved by a source.

However on Wednesday as one of deputies of BYuT reported, this question was rejected by profile committee with active participation of byutovets. After this there was Tretyakov's statement to Tymoshenko that she doesn't want to go for dialogue and by that calls coalition existence into question.

As told sources in an environment of the prime minister, it won't meet Kolomoysky's one more requirement - to dismiss the Minister of Transport and communications of Iosif Vinsky with whom the co-owner of "Privatbank" had a conflict round Ilyichevsky port.

The former head of agency on carrying out Euro-2012 Evgeny Chervonenko considers that Vasyunik's resignation if it happens, will be deserved. "Believe, I to the place of Vasyunik don't apply", - he declares thus.

The most real candidate for a post of the Minister of Finance - Igor Umansky who now fulfills duties of the head of the main financial department. Him consider as the person close to former first vice-to the prime minister Mykola Azarov.

On foreign policy department move Vladimir Handogiya, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs. "It and us arranges, and the president", - the source in Tymoshenko's environment reported.

The destiny of the present Minister of Justice Nikolay Onishchuk is unclear. "Didn't solve who will replace it", - tells a source in Tymoshenko's environment.

"For Andrey Portnov that part of BYuT fraction which is controlled by "security officers" Turchynov - Kozhemyakin and the head of the Supreme Court Vasily Onopenko won't vote. With them at Portnov of the relation bad. But Onishchuk can dismiss even if replacement and won't find. The deputy it becomes simple present first Evgeny Korneychuk (son-in-law Onopenko) deputy Onishchuk. It both Onopenko, and the "security officers", clear business, completely arranges", - notes a source in an environment of the prime minister.


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