Medvedev specified to Europeans, on what Ukraine "spat". It isn't present Europeans impressed

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Preparation of the new basic agreement of the Russian Federation about partnership and cooperation with the European Union can be tightened as Europeans coordinated it to the Power charter which Russia opposes. Such is one of summit results Russia - EU in Khabarovsk.

In Khabarovsk on Friday I came to the end 23-й the summit Russia - with EU. Most of all participants of the summit were excited by questions of energy security. The president Dmitry Medvedev reminded that Russia didn't ratify the Power charter and "isn't going to participate in the Power charter in operating its edition", and also isn't the participant of the contract to it and it won't use. "However it doesn't mean that everything that was made within Energokhartiya, was harmful. Certainly, isn't present", - Medvedev calmed colleagues. In this regard the president suggested to use the positive moments of the document for creation of new power tools. He told that it can be not only the new document, but also preparation of the new version of a charter, "but within those procedures which will be coordinated by us".

Russia inclines to that it will be quite difficult to change the present document. The Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich in conversation with journalists confirmed that for Moscow not essentially, whether there will be it the new document or strongly modified present. But I noted that "Energokhartiya's dot changes are hardly possible, it is a question of basic changes". Moreover, some adjustments can't simply be taken out in the agreement in force. The main problem of an operating charter, according to the Russian negotiators, that she doesn't allow to prevent the conflicts, similar to "gas crisis" with Ukraine in January of this year. Medvedev noticed that Europeans who remained without gas and heating, "this January not bad remembered".

"Even if Russia would be the participant of the Power charter and the contract to the Power charter, and Ukraine, by the way, is the participant both the Power charter, and the contract to the Power charter, - well and what? All that wanted, made, spat on this Power charter and on the contract to it", - the president declared.

Here with Europeans there are principal differences. The head of European Commission José Manuel Barroso noted that though Medvedev's some proposals deserve attention in the course of contract revision to Energokhartiya, they will be guided nevertheless by the existing document.

At this Barroso diplomatically I expressed pleasure on the fact that the Russian president is ready to discuss these questions, and noted that EU coordinates the Power charter to the new basic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (Union of Right Forces) between the parties.

The term of operating Union of Right Forces expired in December, 2007 and was prolonged before emergence of the new agreement. Its preparation started in the summer of last year, the last consultations took place in April. Medvedev assured that he accepts rates of preparation of the new agreement.

Earlier sources in the Russian management didn't exclude that the text will be agreed by the end of this year. However in a lobby of the summit said that from - for bindings to the Power charter negotiation process can be dragged out.


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