Балога poured out on Tymoshenko the next bucket of criticism and I asked not to snap

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The head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga declares that the Cabinet under the leadership of Yulia Timoshenko practically doesn't finance important social programs of national and regional value.

I declared this Baloga after carried out by it "the careful analysis" conditions of implementation of the budgetary instruction according to State budget programs for 2008.

On its conclusions, only 50 budgetary programs (5% of total) are completely financed for today.

"This statistics especially impresses against assurances of the management of the government of comprehensive care of the social sphere, ensuring interests of simple Ukrainians. Already far not for the first time the declared promises and the sounded slogans break about a real situation. Populism of statements doesn't maintain check by reality which looks very much and very sad", - Baloga complains.

In confirmation of such assessment of Baloga I noted that financing of such programs of health care, as introduction of new technologies in production of means of rehabilitation of disabled people, measures against epidemics of tuberculosis and AIDS, the separate centralized measures for diabetes treatment isn't opened not so.

Besides, Baloga accuses the government of non-performance of the decree of the president about introduction of one-time remuneration "to mothers - heroines" in a tenfold size of a living wage.

"With unclear minimalism in expenses the Cabinet of Ministers treats the important nation-wide program of reforming zhilishchno - municipal services: from the provided 850 million hryvnias it is allocated 1,1 million, that is 0,2%", - continues Baloga.

"Zero expenses on release of book production according to the Ukrainian Book program.. Programs of ensuring development and the use of Ukrainian, creation of the museum complex "Art Arsenal" aren't financed almost. Obviously, the government treats cultural programs as is indifferent, as well as to social", - he told.

Балога assumed that publication of these data will cause the next wave of statements from the Cabinet about "critical attacks Bank to the government".

However, according to the head of the secretariat of the president, impartial figures of statistics have to become for Cabinet of Ministers not a reason for counterstatements, and a push to work on performance of account part of the budget.


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