At Tymoshenko are sure that will be able to hold on

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The adviser the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine of power questions, the member of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on energy industry Alexander Gudyma is sure that new "gas war" with Russia won't be soon.

"In the summer when gas consumption in the country is minimum, anybody won't begin war", - he told the newspaper "The businessman - Ukraine" making comments on opinion that in May between Russia and Ukraine the new gas conflict can inflame from - that Ukraine has no money neither for gas pumping in storages, nor on calculation for May.

"As a last resort we will hold on at the expense of stocks in UGS, and EU in case of the conflict only will accelerate Nabucco construction", - Gudyma is sure.

In his opinion, - it is no more than threat of Russia than attempt to force the European partners to finance gas purchase by Ukraine and also to achieve own participation in GTS modernization.

It is known that on Friday in Astana the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko carried out with the head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin negotiations on receiving $5 billion the credit for pumping gas to the Ukrainian UGS.

As explained to the newspaper a source in Cabinet of Ministers, Tymoshenko had to soften statements of the president Victor Yushchenko for need of revision of gas contracts with "Gazprom".

However following the results of negotiations Putin declared that you shouldn't give money from - for high risks, "connected with the upcoming presidential election and possible reorganization of gas transmission structures of Ukraine". He noted that Russia addressed in European Commission with the offer on joint financing of pumping gas in UGS of Ukraine, but "there answered with lips of the Minister of Finance - for Ukraine of money isn't present".

As the official familiar with a course of negotiations explained to the edition, Russia demands granting guarantees of participation of "Gazprom" in GTS modernization.


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