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Prime ministerYulia TimoshenkoI sent to the presidentTo Victor Yushchenkothe letter with a request to bring idea of resignation of the Minister of DefenceYury Ekhanurov.

In the letter which is at the disposal "Ukrainian truth", Tymoshenko refers to results of check of the Ministry of Defence powers of the Main thing Control - auditing management.

"Considering stated, Ekhanurov Yury Ivanovich can't remain at a position of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine", - writes Tymoshenko to Yushchenko.

"In this regard I appeal to you to bring idea of Ekhanurov Yu.I. dismissal in the Verkhovna Rada. from a post", - it is spoken also in the letter.

"Hoping for support, I state hope that your practical steps become the real sign of aspiration of the president of Ukraine to overcoming of such shameful phenomenon as corruption", - marks out Tymoshenko in the letter to the president.

Tymoshenko pays attention that the Ministry of Defence ignored orders of Cabinet of Ministers with which acceptance by the ministries of decisions on alienation of objects of state ownership stopped.

So, the Ministry of Defence without coordination with Cabinet of Ministers made the decision on change of target use of 53 total land plots which market area approximately makes 1,07 billion hryvnias.

"Concerning 23 land plots of 133,9 hectares in conciliatory letters to local governments signed by Ekhanurov even it was noted, for what legal entity further to allocate these land plots. The facts of alienation of lands of defense with use of fictitious documents" took place, - writes Tymoshenko in the letter to Yushchenko.

The prime minister pays attention to violation in the sphere of providing military food.

"The opaque corruption system of attraction to service on food of commercial structures which have no ought financially - the technical base, the corresponding shots and experience in system of public catering is created", - she also notes.

In Tymoshenko's letter also it is spoken about abuses when providing the Ministry of Defence with fuel.

"Inefficient use of means of the Ministry of Defence is revealed also when checking purchase is combustible - lubricants that from - for overestimate of purchase prices led to loss more as 54 million hryvnias", - writes Tymoshenko in the letter to the president.


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