Tymoshenko denies the wars or diversionary activity

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In the Cabinet deny maintaining "personnel wars" against certain ministers.

So a press - the service of the government reacted to the statement presidential a press - the secretary concerning irrelevance of continuous changes of ministers in the Cabinet.

"With surprise examined a wish of the president Victor Yushchenko concerning the termination of personnel war by the government of Ukraine.... The cabinet didn't conduct, doesn't conduct and isn't going to conduct any military operations, guerrilla wars or diversionary activity", - declared in the government.

There also emphasized that "unlike the president of Ukraine, the government doesn't take hostage governors of areas and heads of local administrations, without letting them on cabinet council of Ministers".

"The government of Ukraine despite numerous, regular, conscious provocations and adventures which arrive in its address from a president's team. Only "war" which conducts today the government, is a war with consequences of total world financial crisis", - is spoken in the statement.

Of the government convince that are adjusted on constructive cooperation of all political forces, all institutes of the power and structures of civil society.

"If the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, demanding from the government "to stop personnel wars", means fight against corruption turning in the Ministry of Defence, with consequences of board of the previous management of the State property fund, with consequences of activity of his sponsors in the gas sphere, we can't agree on this offer. And with these shameful phenomena we will struggle with such people even despite strong irritation", - is spoken in the statement.

It is known that the prime minister initiated recently resignation of the Minister of Defence Ekhanurov.


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