R. Zabzalyuk commented on adoption of law according to which the end of financial crisis is defined by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

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The Verkhovna Rada at last voted for the Law of Ukraine "About protection of property rights of citizens in the period of an exit of economy of Ukraine from a condition of financial crisis".

This law forbids banks to withdraw for financial crisis apartments from those who took the credit on the security of housing if the citizen lives in this apartment. At the same time by the law it is provided that the end of financial crisis is determined by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by Cabinet representation.

"The bill of the moratorium on housing alienation as way of repayment of the credit was prepared by People's Deputies (from BYuT fractions, Litvin's block and KPU), he was completely supported by the governmentYulia Timoshenko, after all the Prime minister - the minister repeatedly insisted on its urgency as on the next power step directed on protection of citizens in the conditions of crisis", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the head of the BYuTNikolaev regional organization commented on adoption of this LawRoman Zabzalyuk.

In his opinion, the existing moratorium - world practice: even in the USA and Russia already taken similar measures. The difference only that in other countries it was made beforehand, and in Ukraine for this purpose was required some precious months, after all opposition in the person of regionals, blocking parliament work thus slowed down acceptance of packages of anti-recessionary bills.

"Finally, under pressure of representatives of the democratic coalition, the document was submitted for consideration. From fraction of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc voted pro 154 deputies, from NUNS fraction - 35, KPU - 27, Litvin's block - 20. From fraction of Party of Regions the Law was supported already... one voice! ", - R. Zabzalyuk told.

"Now it is necessary to wait for that moment when this law will be signed by the President. We will hope that "suspicions" about Victor Yushchenko's not indifference to a bank lobby have under themselves no bases and consequently the Law will be in due time signed by the guarantor Konstitutsii, after all it is expected by hundreds thousands our compatriots", - the people's deputy expressed confidence.


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