The Ministry of Justice warns V. Yushchenko that signing of the law on a ban of a gaming can cause a number of legal problems

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The Ministry of Justice warns the president Victor Yushchenko that signing of the law on a ban of a gaming can cause a number of legal problems.

According to the Minister of Justice Nikolay Onishchuk, in the edition accepted by parliament this law is broken by one of the fundamental rights of owners of gambling institutions as doesn't provide an indemnification order, reports Лига.net.

The minister specified that the law would have to solve, in what order the loss caused to owners is indemnified, recognizing that at the time of business creation they worked according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Onishchuk pays attention of the president that as this problem isn't settled, the introduction of this law in force "doesn't exempt the state from liability regarding compensation of possible losses and the caused damage".

According to the minister, urgent settlement of all complex of the questions connected with a gaming can be a way out.

In particular, it is necessary to order and limit this sphere that will allow to solve ethical and morally - psychological questions, and on the other hand, it is necessary to provide the rights of owners who are ready to be engaged in this business within the legislation.

On a question, whether means told that the Ministry of Justice advises the president not to sign this law, Onishchuk told: "We pointed to the president to a problem of legal character which will arise in case the law is signed and will come into force".

"The head of state can accept our point to sight, can not accept it, in view of that the parliament, in fact, unanimously adopted this law. We simply paid attention that such problem is", - he added.

It is known that the president Victor Yushchenko doesn't consider it expedient to veto simply the law adopted by parliament on a gaming ban, and suggested participants of the market to submit the proposals at this law.


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